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Putin announces that he will present himself as an independent candidate in 2018

Russian President hopes to continue to collect broad popular support to be re-elected president in March next year

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Putin announces that he will present himself as an independent candidate in 2018

Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, announced this Thursday in his traditional annual press matchmaking in Moscow — more than 1,600 journalists convened — to be presented as an independent candidate in presidential elections to be held on March 18.

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"I will go as an independent candidate, but I trust in support of political forces, parties and social organizations that share my position on development of country," said Kremlin chief of United Russia party, who predictably will support campaign. Putin announced a week ago his candidacy for re-election although he left until this Thursday in suspense decision wher he would attend alone or protected by some training, something that has just ruled out a strategy to link with all people (about 140 million of People) and not with any specific training. It would be a sign of KGB Intelligence agent being presented as "Far of Farland," he interprets Reuters. I hope to have broad popular support, "Putin added.

The 65-year-old president, with a social support of nearly 80% of population, spoke of need for Russian political system to be much more competitive and reproached opposition for not having a strong candidate who would be able to cope with it. "It's important not only to make noise in public spaces. It is important to make proposals for things to improve, "he said in reference to wave of street protests that have been convened during this year.

Although its electoral program is not yet defined, President drew up a roadmap in which he prioritized an economy based on cutting edge technology, improvements in infrastructure, health, education, and increased salaries. The Russian leader ensures that country's economy is growing, driven by growth of domestic demand. "We have overturned two factors: abrupt decline in energy prices and external sanctions," says head of state, who has stressed need for a stable political environment to have a competitive economy.

This year more than 1,600 national and foreign journalists have attended annual press conference held just before Christmas, reports Efe. In 2016, president responded 62 questions at a conference that lasted three hours and 50 minutes, still far from record appearance of 2008, when he answered for four hours and 40 minutes to questions of journalists re congregated.

A lifetime in state

Vladimir Putin entered Soviet intelligence service, KGB, in Seventies, at end of university. As an agent, he spent 15 years in former German Democratic Republic (GDR) working in country's security agencies to return to St. Petersburg later. In 1991 he left KGB and held a series of positions in city Hall until mid-nineties, when he moved to Moscow to work for President of Soviet Union, Boris Yeltsin.

Putin runs country since 2000 and has participated in presidential elections on three occasions, in 2000, 2004 and 2012. In 2008, after two consecutive maximum mandates established by Constitution, current head of state ceded presidency to Dmitri Medvedev and played role of prime minister until 2012, year in which, after a constitutional reform that extended Four-to six-year presidential term, returned to state headquarters.


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