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Putin versus Trump: from Chemistry to alchemy

Personal attunement tends to be a key element in the relationships between leaders, but the dialogue between the White House and the Kremlin is marked by other factors obscure and intengibles

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Putin versus Trump: from Chemistry to alchemy

In meetings between leaders of Moscow and Washington, chemistry was valued. In absence of being able to get into dialogue between leaders, analysts, journalists and psychologists explored body language, faces and above all gaze of leadership to find out if re had been chemistry between m and if resulting reaction had been Positive or Vitriólica.

In 2001, in Ljubljana (Slovenia), President George W. Bush boasted that he felt "Putin's soul" by looking him in eye. The American interlocutor Russian — n a rookie in office — seemed to him "straight and legit." With Barack Obama, chemical reaction was explosive, because psychology, training, and priorities of two leaders could not be more counterposed.

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In case of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, as it is presented this Monday, it seems more indicated to speak of alchemy than of chemistry, judging by how American political class and press of that country refer to Russian, to which y see little less than like a sorcerer cap AZ to enchant and subjugate its president. These rationales are based on Putin's experience and professional past. As official of State Security Committee ( KGB), Russian leader worked as a spy in German Democratic Republic (GDR) in 1980s, was based in Dresden and among its functions was to seduce and recruit agents and informants for ir cause.

But if it is alchemy, and Putin acts on Trump as a qualified warlock, American president's team will have to have prepared antidotes or potions to disenchant him when he leaves magnetic field, magic area of Russian, and contact New with ir everyday realities and various interest groups that support and represent m. In July 2017, in his first face-to-face contact in Hamburg, American delegation had to send Melania Trump to interrupt his husband's conversation with Putin, which lasted already 80 minutes instead of scheduled time. Despite notice, meeting lasted an hour longer.

Putin proudly assumes his past in KGB. In 2010 he met with group of Russian spies who had been unmasked and expelled that year from United States and, along with m, he sang with what country begins. This song comes from film The Shield and sword whose protagonist is a spy of USSR that in years 1940 infiltrates administration of Nazi Germany in order to seize some important documents. The film apparently had a great influence on child Putin and was at origin of his vocation to enter KGB, according to himself in 2000. Over years, Russian leader has given somewhat different versions of circumstances of his entry in that institution, but truth is that he identifies with profession of spy. In December 2010, president played piano song with which country begins and sang it in English.

Demonstrations in Helsinki, Finland, for Donald Trump's visit. AFPHalagos

The Russian president has measured his words a lot about Trump and he has been quite positive about it. After his first meeting in July 2017 in Hamburg, Putin said that "TV character" differs greatly from "real man, which is absolutely concrete and understands absolutely adequately interlocutor, analyzes quite quickly, responds to The questions raised or new elements that arise in discussion. " Putin has described Trump as "ready" for having succeeded in business and has opined that "if he is smart, this means that he fully understands and quite quickly anor level of responsibility."

On possibility that Moscow has compromising material (Kompromat) against Trump, Putin denied that secret services of his country would take care of him when he traveled to Moscow, being one of richest people in America. The Russian leader even defended his colleague: "Did Trump come and immediately rushed to meet Moscow prostitutes?", enquired. The current American president, he continued, had devoted "many years to organizing beauty pageants", and "related to most beautiful women in world." "With difficulty I can imagine running to hotel to meet our girls of low social responsibility, although y are certainly best in world. I doubt Trump would let himself be hooked on this, "he sentenced in December 2017. In March of this year, Putin said that Trump has "qualities of leader" and that he "takes responsibility for decisions taken", but confessed that he did not read his Twitter and that he himself did not use this system of expression. "Donald is a more modern person," he explained.

Putin uses knowledge acquired throughout his life, and will have to see what resources he uses with Trump. Will it be male solidarity, flattery or direct style that is supposed to be liked by a man of action? Both leaders are vain, as evidenced by taste of one to show his torso and anor's attempt to hide his bald spot under exhausted wicks. In any case, Putin will hardly be able to resort to psychological intimidation he used with Angela Merkel, whom he once presented to his Labrador Koni, even knowing that dogs of some magnitude bor German chancellor.

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