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"I will Not stop until we see Theresa May broken and in my freezer"

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"I will Not stop until we see Theresa May broken and in my freezer"

words of The former secretary of Treasury reopen tensions between conservatives

Osborne was 'sacrificed' by May when it came to Government

labyrinth of The Brexit

"I will Not stop until we see Theresa May torn in bags and in my freezer". The confession of former secretary of Treasury, George Osborne to ir collaborators coming, as revealed by magazine Esquire, has reopened wound in Conservative Party for account of Brexit.

Osborne, director of evening The Evening Standard, expressed supposedly ir desires of revenge towards 'premier' to more than one person within newspaper, which has become whip of Theresa May, crucified in headlines such as "dead woman walking" (dead andante).

The rematch of Osborne, dolphin of David Cameron and first "sacrificed" by May just put heels in Downing Street, has created a deep malaise among 'tories', for lack of just two weeks for annual conference of party and in midst of tensions that do not stop on account of exit from European Union.

" contents of The freezer of former secretary of Treasury is not my business", he stated with a knowing sneer, a spokesman for Downing Street, before explosive revelations of Esquire, signed by journalist Ed Caesar, which ensures, however, that Osborne was very cautious when it comes to criticizing May open mic, in contrast with what he has entrusted to closed gate to its employees.

"The anger of Osborne to May have its origin in personal issues, political, ideological and tactics," writes Caesar. "It is something difficult to explain, just feel."

Osborne was prominent in his day in list of favorites for succession of Cameron, in eternal rivalry with Theresa May and Boris Johnson. His position in face of anti-Brexit, with constant threats on severe economic effects, and y let him out of game following referendum of European Union.

even decided to stand for re-election as a deputy and decided to accept offer of directing The Evening Standard, complimentary newspaper and evening for excellence, despite not having had as a journalist with more experience than that of leading a university magazine during his years in Oxford. Under baton of Osborne, Standard has adopted in recent months a very hard editorial line against Theresa May for his support of Brexit "hard".

"Saying things like that, George Osborne has degraded itself, and has disappointed those who used to have a good opinion of him," he warned deputy conservative Andrew Bridgen, told tabloid sensationalist and pro-Brexit The Daily Express. The mp Nadine Dorries, who came to qualify to Osborne as "a child posh" when I was in Government, has also criticized harshly ir desire to see May, "cut in pieces" and in his freezer: "These words reveal how it works mentally, and how it has always worked".


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