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"The origins of the Rohingya", today on the Republic on the newsstand, the special Super 8

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"The origins of the Rohingya", today on the Republic on the newsstand, the special Super 8
Com'è possible that a Nobel Peace Prize esteemed and praised in all world is now being accused of being at least complicit in "shameful ethnic cleansing" against muslim minority of Royingha? And it' me of special Super 8 in newsstands today with Republic, which tells history, persecution and l' exodus of Royingha, from beginning.According to Josh Kurlantzick, historian of'Asia, and a scholar of think tank Council of Foreign Relations, and his silence is unacceptable, but at same time, Aung San Suu Kyi, de facto leader of Burma after so many years of dissidence and imprisonment, does not have much range of action. Kurlantzick, what do you think of behavior of Aung San Suu Kyi towards Rohingya?  "I Think San Suu Kyi has never had much interest in story of this muslim minority, from beginning of crisis, in 2010. Ask più rights to Royingha not è a very popular me in population is burmese, and I am sure that She knows it well. But according to me, you know well also that can; do little against ir persecution. The military still has great control over ministries, especially those of public safety. And probably She has or prioritiesà, as peace process in or parts of country," What are errors he has committed?  "Aung does not have control of military, this is obvious. But, at same time, do not say anything or defend ir actions increases climate of impunità for l'army" What has it done good Nobel prize for Peace when guide, più or less formally, burmese government?", And' s been about a year, n little to give reviews. Al là of serious case of Rohingya, has tried to promote a national process of peace with or groups of insurgents in north and north-east of country. And n a new economic development plan. Not much, so far".C'è those who say that c'è a plan of military to discredit it to public and resume così power.  "Difficult to say. At a certain point, forò Aung will haveà choose and lì re will beà clash: should change constitution, and n reduce weight of military or not sarà able to exercise real control "civil" government".


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