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Rajoy calls on the leaders catalans to reflect and become "legality"

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Rajoy calls on the leaders catalans to reflect and become "legality"

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The president of Government, Mariano Rajoy, has claimed today to be leaders in catalonia support referendum annulled by Constitutional Court, which reflect and return "to rationality and legality".

Before engaging in an act of homage to Gerardo Fernández Albor, first president of autonomous community of galicia, for its centenary, chief Executive has said he does not want to enter into polemics, nor with president of Generalitat and no one else, and has asked mayors catalanes "which meet law."

On new actions that could be undertaken by Government to prevent holding of referendum has avoided talking about "what may happen in future," while reiterating that "it is not to celebrate" because it is " settlement of will of majority of spaniards, of rights of immense majority" of spaniards.

The president of Government has had to ask mayors in catalonia to support consultation and this morning have been concentrated in Barcelona that it is "reasonable to ask not to collaborate in celebration of a referendum is illegal."

he has Also alluded to presence in concentration of mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, who has remembered that she herself "has said that it will not transfer premises to conclusion" in referendum, so that "re is nothing to tell".

"when you don't give in, nothing to point about it", has been considered Rajoy, it has been suggested that "she might have to say to mayors to do same thing that she says she is going to do."

Obligation to comply with law

he recalled that all citizens are "obliged to comply with law", also mayors, Generalitat and himself; for what he has entrusted in this situation that can give back "as quickly as possible."

Rajoy has taken advantage of his intervention to ask citizens of Catalonia "who do not agree with what y are doing" ir leaders are "quiet" because "y are going to respect ir rights".

"you Can be quiet. It is a situation not pleasant, but I have certainty that things will return to your channel and I would like it to be on a voluntary basis by those who have started show we're seeing," he added.

he assured that "what happened" in Catalan Parliament on 6 and 7 September "was a serious big deal because re was only settled in a few hours Spanish Constitution, Statute of Catalonia and established a new legality, something to which y obviously are not entitled".

"And what is more serious -he continued - was made to trample on rights of activists and deputies of several parties that were not in agreement."

"it Was a huge gravity and I ask that you return to rationality and legality," he stressed.

Rajoy has explained that "no government", nor current nor any of Spain can "in no way accept what is happening in se moments in Catalonia" and has shown its determination that rule of law, law and democracy "are not going to accept this from any of ways."

"What we saw in Parliament (Catalan) may not repeat in any Parliament ever," he concluded.


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