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Redoubling the contacts against the clock to save the summit between Trump and Kim

South Korean president urges Pyongyang and Washington to establish a direct line of dialogue

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Redoubling the contacts against the clock to save the summit between Trump and Kim

The participants in meeting on north side of Panmunjom are significant. The delegation of United States, says "Post" quoting sources close to entourage, is headed by former ambassador of Washington in Seoul Sung Kim, one of personalities of his country who knows well North Korean regime: He was an American negotiator in Six-band talks of 2005 on Pyongyang nuclear program. The representation of North has as head Deputy Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui, who filled glass of Trump's patience this week by threatening for second time with withdrawal of his country from talks. That day, American President cancelled Singapore.

The talks between two teams will continue throughout Monday and Tuesday, paper continues, to try to provide substance to possible summit on 12 June.

Although way to cancel appointment has grabbed attention of atrical, in a letter to Kim Jong-a personally drafted by President of United States and announced without prior notice to his allies, bottom of misunderstanding is more much more serious than a mere tantrum Trumpian A. As evidenced, both sides maintain positions, if not impossible, very difficult to marry: US demands that North Korea be rid of its nuclear program in an irreversible, complete and verifiable way; In sorrow, according to statements by Vice President Mike Pence and national security adviser, John Bolton, to end as Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. For its part, Pyongyang has expressed its commitment to "complete" denuclearization of Korean peninsula; But he argues that he will not get out of his nuclear armament as long as he does not have unwavering, demonstrable and permanent assurances about security of his regime

The negotiating front in Panmunjom is developed in parallel with logistics of summit, a White House delegation led by Deputy Chief of staff, Joe Hagin, and a team headed by Kim Chang are, whose functions are comparable to A Minister of presidency.

The negotiations seem to have intensified after this Saturday's surprise and almost improvised way Kim Jong-UN and South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in, on north side of Panmunjom, at a meeting in which y ratified ir interest in Holding Singapore summit and leader of north-according to its interlocutor-maintained its readiness for denuclearization.

"Kim Jong-Un has strong intentions about complete denuclearization of Korean peninsula. What is uncertain is not denuclearization, but Washington's hostile policy towards North Korea, if Washington can really guarantee stability of its regime, "said head of state of south. The leader of North emphasized, always according to Moon, that summit would represent a historic opportunity to "close a stage of confrontation".

But Moon did not want to confirm wher leader of North proposes to dispose of its nuclear program in a complete, irreversible and verifiable way, as United States demands. "It is something that north and United States must treat," he said, by recommending that leaders of those two countries establish a direct line of conversation, similar to one that has been between two Korean capitals for just over a month.

The meeting, fourth of two Korean leaders in history, was held on initiative of North Korea, which proposed it one day after American president gave apparent shelve. Washington was informed of meeting, according to Moon.

The two Koreas will retake ir high-level talks next Friday, June 1, to discuss topics such as future separate family meetings. The North had cancelled that dialogue ten days ago.


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