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Renovation of the roads : the government wants to make pay for the heavy-duty

The minister of transport explains in an interview with "Journal du dimanche" that she wants to find new sources of income to improve the road network.

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Renovation of the roads : the government wants to make pay for the heavy-duty
The minister of transport, Elizabeth Terminal, wants to participate in heavy maintenance of road network according to conditions known to be included in law mobility, currently in preparation. The improvement of transport in daily life is priority of minister, which launches Tuesday national conference on mobility, which will last until December.

" The budget 2018 includes an increase of $ 200 million envelope for investment, and will grow from 2.2 billion to 2.4 for benefit of transport of daily ", explains Elisabeth Terminal in Sunday Newspaper of 17 September.

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The question of ecotax

The minister wants to go furr to get out of " budgetary stalemate" existing. "It was refore necessary to look to new resources, such as, for example, find a way to pay heavy vehicles that pass through our network without participate in its funding. Some areas are clearly candidates to move forward in this area, ors are less so ", she explains. The act mobilities will include proposals on subject. "

In France, road network represents approximately 10 000 kilometres of roads that are not licensed, of which two-thirds will need to be renovated.

During conference national territories, which was held in July in Senate, president and Emmanuel Macron has envisaged possibility for State to transfer some of its powers to local authorities.

This topic is based on delicate question of ecotax, a project built on principle of "polluter pays" finally abandoned by previous government.


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