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Residents of San Augustine ask for "justice" by the crime and criticize the mayor for the insecurity

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Residents of San Augustine ask for "justice" by the crime and criticize the mayor for the insecurity

The neighbors, censure mayor for lack of security and transfer of exhibition grounds

friends believe that Miguel is killed by a mistake and without a word, a group of dominicans

Dies a young man of 18 years in San Agustín de Guadalix

Half a thousand people have concentrated today on Sunday in San Agustín del Guadalix to remember to 18-year-old who stabbed fatally in fairgrounds and ask for "justice", in an act in which y heckled mayor because you are considered guilty of "lack of security" at parties.

The concentration has begun to 12.45 p.m. in a crowded plaza de la Constitución, in centre of which have clustered close to 50 teenagers, friends of victim, while on or side of square, next to facade of Consistory, y have located family members and representatives of municipal corporation.

The grandfar of family, Ramon, has thanked neighbors for all ir support and has apologized for "not being able to talk", because it felt "sunk", but has stressed that "trust in justice" and expressed his wish that "immediately picked up" author of death of his grandson Miguel.

In act have participated in director of Social Policies, Carlos Izquierdo, and mayor of town, Juan Figueroa, who has been booed by our neighbors, who have asked him "justice" and you have been branded as "guilty" because y consider that in grounds re was "no security" or ambulances socorrieran to young people.

however, Figueroa has said that "understand that village is very hurt" and has been forwarded to information of Local Police and Civil Guard, which has said that it had a performance "exemplary."

he has shown his "conviction absolute" by death of young man who was "a very dear person in village" and whose murder has caused "a total dismay in village".

Subsequently, on a of afternoon, you will have saved a minute of silence in memory of Miguel, even though tribute has been constantly interrupted by screams of dozens of neighbors moved, y have shouted to members of municipal government "you are guilty".

"Where were police?", "this is second year without security", "shame of City" and "not an ambulance," have heckled concentrates to alderman.

on or hand, a group of friends of deceased has been displayed a banner where could be read: "Miguelín, shines your smile. We will never forget you".

When mayor and rest of corporation have entered into Consistory, re have been moments of tension between participants to concentration, visibly excited, y have criticized that city Council "don't give explanations" to neighbors.

The friends of Miguel have assured Efe that ambulance took about forty minutes to reach, and that had to be m who removed fence to access toilets.

y have Also explained that site where mobile disco has been located, for second year in a row, "very far" from center and "had no type of security."

One of friends of deceased explained that attacker came "with a band of 15 or 20 persons of dominican nationality", and that it attacked "without a word", a version in which match or near relatives, which details that attackers knew victim and came from San Sebastián de Los Reyes.

Some have ventured that "y killed Michael for being with people of extreme left", while rest of people have insisted on "don't dwell on that, because you must prove that you are not like m."


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