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Rohingya, UN in Myanmar & #x3a; "Unimaginable suffering". and Prince Charles cancels the visit

The Burmese government allowed the observers to visit the state of Rakhine, where the villages of the Rohingya were burned. And while the Burmese minister ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 03:33 - 10 reads.

Rohingya, UN in Myanmar & #x3a;
After United States ' appeal to UN for a total embargo on sale of weapons to Myanmar Army, England also seems to turn face to Aung San Suu Kyi in light of last violence and exodus of Muslims Rohingya by state of Rakhine or Arakan true Bangladesh. The Prince of Wales Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla announced that on ir next Asian tour will be excluded a visit to Lady's country, and even without specifying reasons it was immediately clear that it was a Non-random deletion. In recent days London had already cancelled a military training program for Burmese troops, and city of Oxford withdrew a prestigious honor for human rights that had been granted years ago because "no longer appropriate". The same city College of St. Hugh where Suu Kyi studied as a young man before returning to his homeland took away his portrait from entrance hall. Aware of risks of this negative trend by international community, Lady's government is trying to run to shelters with various diplomatic initiatives such as authorization to recent visit of a United Nations delegation in Border regions in flames from which refugees come, and announcement of destitution of some officers in service deemed "inadequate" or guilty of excesses and abuses. Myanmar, civilians fleeing from violence at same time Suu Kyi sent a minister of trust to Dhaka to meet head of foreign affairs of Bangladesh Abul Hassan Mahmood AlI, to create a common working group that It will occupy return of refugees in Arakan, or at least those "eligible" on basis of old bilateral agreements signed 25 years ago by former military regime. In same meeting, two delegations also prioritized commitment to fight on a common front threat of terrorists of "Salvation Army of Rohingya" responsible for attacks of October 2016 and 25 August of this year, Considered by Burmese at origin of violent military reprisals and escape of civilians. Myanmar: In forest to escape bombardments share precisely to demonstrate dangers of threat of Islamic terrorism envoys of criminal And for UN human rights in Burma were allowed last week to visit with a slightly greater freedom than in past areas of conflict between Maungtaw and Buthidaung, and in ir relationship y shared concern of Government of Having to closely monitor flow of exiles on both sides of borders between Bangladesh and Arakan to prevent militants from infiltrating return refugees. The Fiunzionari also admitted that Orthodox groups attempted to recruit with intimidation young people to train m militarily, but most important thing – y added – "is to start a long-term peace process that foresees rehabilitation Communities devastated by attacks often indiscriminate against villages and cities. " The "scale of suffering in state-y wrote-is" unimaginable ", and y hope to be able to make or visits in northwest" under appropriate conditions "(or free from constraints imposed also last week in limited travel to one day), "To explore potential areas in which United Nations can cooperate with Myanmar authorities to alleviate situation." Toger with UN envoys, accompanied by several diplomats and or NGOs, re was also a delegation of European Union in Myanmar that "given circumstances" – it is said in a note – does not consider visit "a mission of investigation", although it has been able to reach Some of "villages that have been burned and emptied of inhabitants". Human Rights Watch has meanwhile diffused results of new and recent satellite imagery that show almost total destruction of villages of Maung Nu and Hpaung Taw Pyin, apparently data to flames after an operation of army. According to 14 witnesses and survivors interviewed by organization in exile of Cox Bazar, several hundred Rohingya were surrounded in a large residential complex where y had found refuge. Men and boys would be collected in a backyard and killed with firearms and stabs, n a hundred bodies would have been taken away by military trucks to unknown destinations. Such abuses, including rape and torture, were documented last December by a video on basis of which agents and officers were punished and removed. But it is difficult to determine wher excessive use of force is also basis of last rotation of border police. It is only known that former police chief of Mandalay region No. 3, Myint Toe, replaced former commander of border guards of Maungdaw Thura San Lwin. The officer removed – according to a spokesman-"was able to readily maintain police in an alert state. "But not everything was perfect."


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