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Russian ' fake news ' on Facebook came to 126 million Americans

Kremlin trolls published about 80,000 entries in this social network between 2015 and 2017

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Russian ' fake news ' on Facebook came to 126 million Americans

Russian content on Facebook that was able to influence US elections of 2016 through fake news — known as fake news by its name in English — reached 126 million users, according to published on Monday Washington Post. The Kremlin trolls published about 80,000 entries in this social network between 2015 and 2017 that were first seen by 29 million of Americans. Facebook, however, estimates that number of times information was shared could have reached a maximum of 126 million users.

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This amount is much higher than one originally calculated, around 10 million Americans. This first estimate was based only on about 3,000 posts announced and paid for by Russian plot in company founded by Mark Zuckerberg. However, free Facebook entries published by Kremlin apparatus widened broadcast radius.

Facebook issued last October 2 a statement explaining situation, which has become a real headache for company, so much that has updated twice initial version of 3,000 ads disseminated from 470 accounts.

In framework of investigation of Russian plot, which seeks to clarify if re was coordination between electoral team of Donald Trump and Kremlin to influence last presidential election of USA, Google has recognized this Monday for first time that its Platforms were also compromised, revealing that trolls loaded more than 1,000 videos on YouTube in 18 different channels. On Tuesday it is planned that general counsel of Facebook, Colin Stretch, informed investigation of Russian plot of estimate that his company makes, ie, that some 126 million of Americans were victims of fake news.

The American population affected by false news accounts for 40% of total, some 310 million people. The figure has jumped to light same day that Paul Manafort, who was one of strong men of president, Donald Trump, was designated. Manafor, exdirector of campaign, was handed over to FBI with a partner of his, Rick Gates, to answer for a dozen crimes including conspiracy against United States (to hide his activities and income) and money laundering. The charges do not refer to election campaign, but y focus on advising a Ukrainian politician akin to Putin. Instead, confession of anor Trump advisor, George Papadopoulos, does pay suspicions of connivance: He admitted contacts with a person close to Kremlin who promised him dirty rags on Hillary Clinton and pleaded guilty to having lied about it.

Next Wednesday will be day techs see m with Washington. In addition to Facebook, that same day will give results of trimester, Google and Twitter testify to give more details.

Google has discharged, without specifying type of content that made m take measure, those 18 accounts connected with plot. They published 1,108 videos on YouTube that were seen more than 309,000 times between June 2015 and November 2016. The seeker has only acknowledged that he did not respect terms of use of platform.


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