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Saliha Ben Ali & #x3a; "Our sons jihadists have wrong but not punished us moms"

She speaks the mother of Sabri, the boy who was 19 years old when she left the family home, in Belgium, to go to fight in Syria and die in war ">06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 05:33 - 13 reads.

Saliha Ben Ali & #x3a;
Saliha Ben Ali understands well doubts, sorrows and remorse of women whose children followed siren of jihad. Because y were also hers. His son Sabri was 19 years old when he left family home in Belgium to go to fight in Syria: Three months later, a phone call announced her "martyred" death. In between, re had been messages, calls and requests for money which woman and her husband had decided to answer "no". A mor who sends money to jihadist son can be considered an accomplice?" No. I know many people who have sent money to ir children in Syria: because y needed to eat or medical care. And re was none of this. They are not accomplices, y are parents: don't stop being a mor if your son is wrong. " She at Sabri said no... " And he hasn't spoken to me since. Until his death. The last memory is that of his sad and furious voice against us. He told us ' I am not a child, I am a man: I ask you for help and you deny me. It was his last words. " But let's talk about sending money to those who fight with Islamic State.." Let's talk about hundreds, a few thousand euros at most. Is this funding that terrorism lives on? I'd say no. Those who want to hit lenders should look to Gulf countries, not to families who have already lost ir children because of a diseased ideology. " What solution do you see?" A law that puts roofs. It is not possible to process a mor for a few hundred euros, it is too easy to say that it was wrong not to notice what happened to son. So state? They have not mistaken states like France and Belgium who have left hundreds of se guys while knowing where y were going and why? ". but a law to stop funding in Belgium already re.." And it foresees seizure of current accounts of those who are in lists: Accounts that often contain only a little money. These measures only serve to tell public that you are doing something, to make her feel quiet. When it is clear that it is not so, that you are not going to roots of a phenomenon, that of foreign fighters, which is made of refusal, discomfort and expulsion from societies of provenance. It's a farce, like processes against se mors. "


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