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Salvini requires Macron to apologize if he wants to continue working with Italy

The minister of the Interior charges hard against France, who asks him to speak less and act more on the migratory issue, while the economy holder suspends a meeting in Paris

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Salvini requires Macron to apologize if he wants to continue working with Italy

Matteo Salvini was agiganta in tension and this morning, completely unleashed in Senate, he wanted to pull muscle defending his management on me of Aquarius and firing at everything that was moving around: European Union, France, Emmanuel Macron, Spain and financier George Soros, who he accuses of being behind some of NGOs that rescue migrants in Mediterranean. In a defiant tone, articulating a basic rhetoric addressed to stomach of parish, leader of xenophobic league demanded that President of France, Emmanuel Macron apologize officially with Italy for having described it as "cynical". "We have nothing to learn from anyone's solidarity, generosity and volunteerism. Italy is second host country in world. Europe can do something about immigration, or shut up forever. "

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  • Macron greets Spanish "humanitarian gesture" with Aquarius and criticizes Italian "irresponsibility"

The Aquarius case is on its way to becoming perfect pretext to shake geostrategic board of Italy in Europe. The old allies no longer serve and axis under construction is based on rejection of immigration and passes through Austria and Germany with a special consideration for Hungary. In this line, first barrages of minister of Interior, Jaleadas by parliamentary majority – 5-Star Movement and League – which supports new road map of Italy, were direct against France. "The returns made from ir border to ours have been 10,949. Men, children, disabled... France was to host 9,816 immigrants. But he's done it only with 640. So I ask Macron to move from words to facts and welcome tomorrow morning to 9,000 immigrants he had pledged, "he said in a threatening tone.

Salvini pointed to term of appearance its predisposition to rupture with France. If French president's apologies do not arrive, he would see with good eyes that bilateral summit planned for Friday with first Italian ministor, Giuseppe Conte, would be cancelled. "Our Foreign Minister [Enzo Diavero Milanesi] has called French ambassador. On behalf of Italian people he has asked for explanations on behalf of a people who are one of first in generosity and solidarity. If French have humility to apologize, we'll work toger. But insults on part of WHO practice returns and closes ports do not accept. [...]. "If official apologies do not arrive, Prime Minister Conte would do well not to go to France," he insisted. For now, Minister of economy has already cancelled meeting he was going to hold this afternoon with his French counterpart in Paris.

From here, with support of Harrow and a survey that backed hard line of new minister of Interior, Salvini took over his usual repertoire of slogans. "Only 7% of migrants arriving are political refugees," he launched. "But re's a business behind it. 99% of rejected lawsuits have a recourse. And re's a business of trade lawyers who put thousands of lawsuits and does business at expense of se wretches. "

Salvini has also agreed to President of Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, and his decision to host Aquarius in Valencia. In a mixture of irony and menace, he warned Spain that ship that is on its way will not be last in next few weeks. "I thank Spanish friends for ir good heart, but President Sanchez still has ample room to exercise his solidarity in coming weeks" because, he added "only has around 16,000 asylum seekers while in Italy re are 170,000".


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