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Sánchez assumes the goal of increasing military spending to 2% of GDP

The new government endorses the Cospedal plan to spend 18.5 billion, 1.53% of gross domestic product, in 2024

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Sánchez assumes the goal of increasing military spending to 2% of GDP

At end of a summit marked by rude pressures of US President Donald Trump, his allies to increase ir military spending, even with exits of tone and veiled threats, head of Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, has assumed this Thursday As aim of raising military spending to 2% of gross domestic product (GDP).

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Not only has he endorsed commitment of President Mariano Rajoy to Allied Summit of Wales in 2014, which set target of 2% within a decade, but also "roadmap" detailed in letter that former Minister of Defense , María Dolores de Cospedal, sent last December to NATO Secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, in which he planned to reach 2024 to 1.53% (currently 0.93%).

That is, new government aims at 2% of GDP, and will try to reach it in 2024, but alleges that it is very difficult to get it and subscribes to plan Cospedal, considering it "reasonable, possible and realistic", in words of Sanchez. Although 1.53% does not meet Trump's demands or far, it is an increase of 60% of current Spanish military expenditure (18.47 billion euros against 11,500 planned for this year). So far, socialist government had not assumed Cospedal roadmap; Among or reasons, PP executive did not negotiate with opposition and secretly sent it to Brussels.

Sanchez stressed that, in defence, his will is to "pick witness" of previous governments and "not to break coherence" with commitments that y have been assuming, but has warned that increase in military spending not only depends on him , but also for Parliament to approve it in budgets. A particularly complicated task, because it depends on support of groups like we can or Catalan independentists.

Sánchez has assumed that Spain must substantially increase military spending after having argued for active and passive that contribution of each ally cannot be measured solely in quantitative terms, but also qualitative. Although it is one of red Lanterns in percentage of GDP, has insisted, Spain is already aiming to allocate 20% of military spending to investments and equipment (also agreed in Wales in 2014), and is one of countries that contributes most to NATO and EU operations , for which he is making an "enormous effort."

The Spanish president, who briefly greeted Trump during summit, was "sympatic" to his demand for European countries to spend more on ir own defense, but also claimed "understanding" for Spain, which has just come out of a deep economic crisis Whose sequels have not yet been overcome.

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