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Seven bullets to the Indian singer!

The 22-year-old Harshita Dahiya, a prominent singer and dancer from India 39, was killed by unidentified people.

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Seven bullets to the Indian singer!

According to police report, Dahiya Haryana was shot with seven bullets in Chamara district in Panipat region and lost his life at scene. While authorities returned from a concert that was staged that day, 16:00 was killed by a black vehicle in waters of hour and was gunned down by two unidentified suspects. Local police chief Rahul Sharma said, "Two unidentified young singers, two assistants and drivers from car were lowered. Six of seven bullets that suspects were squeezing hit singer Dahiya's head and neck, and Dahiya lost his life at scene. Suspects fled scene, "he said. According to local press sources, singer claimed to have been threatened by someone before. The artist's sister Lata claimed that her wife shot her famous sister, that her mor killed her sister because she was a witness in murder case. and Harshita Dahiya had previously accused his sister's wife of rape and arrested her.


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