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Several injured in Beirut in protests for Trump's decision on Jerusalem

The Lebanese army has used tear gas against protesters who congregated at the U.S. Embassy

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Several injured in Beirut in protests for Trump's decision on Jerusalem
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Nearly a thousand people have protested this Sunday in front of US embassy in Beirut against Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and to displace his embassy's headquarters in that country to holy city. The protest — which has had precursors in most Arab countries in past few days — has led to clashes between several groups of young people armed with Lebanese stones and uniformed men. At least half a hundred people were injured by launch of stones, rubber bullets and gas, including several soldiers and journalists. After deploying reinforcements, Lebanese army, which has used tear gas, has dispersed protesters. This Monday, Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader, has convened a massive demonstration in suburbs of sourn Beirut.

The chant of "Jerusalem is Palestine and we will launch anor intifada," hundreds of people gared in front of military cordon that Lebanese armed forces deployed around U.S. Embassy on outskirts of Beirut. "There is no unity among Arab countries, even in Lebanon right of Palestinians is respected," says Khaled Beyuma, a 20-year-old mechanic. Khaled is part of half-million Palestinian refugees that houses Lebanon with 4.5 million inhabitants of scattered.

The Lebanese militia party waged its last war with Israeli army in 2006 with a balance in lives of more than 1,200 Lebanese, most civilians, and 120 Israelis, most of m soldiers, dead. Some 10,000 troops from blue helmets have been deployed in south of country, including 600 Spaniards, as a force of interposition. After a recent verbal escalation between Israeli government and Hezbollah, Lebanese fear outbreak of new skirmishes in south of country. The Lebanese militia's involvement in Syrian war with Syrian regular troops has awakened alert between Hebrew army. "If we wage a new war will not be like previous ones," says a militiaman of Hezbollah under pseudonym of Abu Hussein.

Israeli troops withdrew from south of Lebanon after 18 years of occupation. Six years of fighting in Syria have allowed Lebanese militia to develop offensive techniques and to accumulate warlike experience in different scenarios from cities to desert. What has made Hezbollah's militias and ir bases in Syria repeatedly targets Israeli bombardments.

Demonstration in Morocco

In Rabat, tens of thousands of people peacefully protested this Sunday against Donal Trump's decision, at a national rally convened by two non-governmental organizations supporting Palestinian people. "The United States deserves anor responsible president," he prayed a banner. "Ignorance creates disorder, intelligence unites people," he said.

The people were arriving in buses from main cities of country and everything went without any incident. The success of demonstration coincides with gestures of support to Palestinian people expressed by head of State, Mohamed VI who directed last week to Trump in which he expressed his "deep concern" and "great uneasiness" before announcement of transfer of embassy American to Jerusalem.


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