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Sheriff: Stephen Paddock wanted to survive-Las Vegas murderer had escape plans

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Sheriff: Stephen Paddock wanted to survive-Las Vegas murderer had escape plans

Stephen Paddock shot 58 people in Las Vegas and injured 489. They were all visitors to "Route 91 Harvest" music Festival on world-famous strip. He killed m from 350 metres away, from 32. Floor of a hotel.

After that, paddock was killed. But that was not his plan – mass murderer wanted to survive! Sheriff Joe Lombardo hinted Wednesday night: Paddock had escape plans. Details keep police up to date.

Lombardo: "Stephen Paddock was a man who spent decades acquiring weapons and ammunition that lived a secret life that we could never really comprehend and that was planning worst attack in history of United States."

Video: @Sheriff_LVMPD provides an update, including a detailed timeline of incident that occurred on Oct 1. Https://

— LVMPD (@LVMPD) October 5, 2017

Did Las Vegas killer have accomplices?

Sheriff Lombardo: "When you look at how many weapons he's got toger, and different amounts of Tannerite (brand name of an explosive that fires when he gets shot) – Do you think he's done it all by himself? You have to make assumption that he had help at some point. "

FBI interrogated Paddock's girlfriend

Marilou Danley (62) landed on Wednesday morning from a trip to Philippines back in Los Angeles and was interrogated by FBI for several hours. She described Stephen Paddock as she knew him as a "benevolent, caring, quiet man." Danley: "I loved him."

She had no idea that her life-mate was planning a massacre. She also did not suspect that he could have sent her on trip to her family in Philippines to keep m out of his plans.

on contrary: Danley said she was just looking forward to being a paddock her 100 000 dollars to Philippines referred to buy a house re for ir family. Later, she was worried that he wanted to end up with her too. 

Also interesting

► Marilou Danley said according to her lawyer Matw Lombard about Stephen Paddock: "I would never have thought he was planning violence towards any man. He said nothing and did not do anything that could have made me aware of it or warned that something so horrible could happen. "

In agony, concert visitors race over grounds in search of DECKUNGFOTO: AFP massacre of Las Vegas
  • Lover of killer "he was kind, quiet. I loved him "

    Before Stephen Paddock († 64) 58 people shot, he ensured that nothing could disturb him. Not even his girlfriend who's talking now!

  • Massacre in Las Vegas iphone is supposed to have saved woman's life

    An everyday object became a lifesaver! So it reports at least according to a local TV station a taxi driver from Las Vegas.

  • US President Trump Vegas-survivors invited to White House

    US president Donald Trump, accompanied by first Lady Melania, devoted his visit entirely to victims and helpers of Las Vegas massacre.

Corrected balance of mass shootout

► 58 death toll, plus Stephen Paddock himself. This corrected number of deaths by one downward. Previously, police reported that paddock had killed 59 people.

489 People were injured in fact. The number was also corrected downwards, according to earlier indications that re had been more than 500 injured. Of 489 injured persons, 317 people have now been released from hospital again.

Evening press conference with @Sheriff_LVMPD provides a few updates, including a timeline of shooting.

— LVMPD (@LVMPD) October 5, 2017 hundreds of shots audible police released Bodycam videos SOURCE: Image/Reuters 1:57 min.


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