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Silfra fissure in Iceland - UP GAP, AMERICA!

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Silfra fissure in Iceland - UP GAP, AMERICA!

Who is immersed in Iceland's Thingvellir national Park (40 km from Reykjavik) into icy water, and swims directly between continents. The Silfra column is gap between Old and New world. And this digging is getting bigger and bigger.

Every year, North drifting apart of American and Eurasian continental plate by about two inches. Up to 63 meters, it's down re in deep.

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"It's a magical place," says Tobias Klose (45). 16 years ago, German is drawn to Island because of love. Today, entrepreneur exclusive diving offers courses in Silfra column. About 315 euros must pay adventure fun for day trip. You will be rewarded with purest water world has to offer.

Klose: "The water in column is from a 50 kilometres away from volcano. It flows through porous lava rock, is filtered in a perfect way.“ 30 years will it take until water arrived from volcano in column. Divers have to Make more than 100 metres of visibility. Must have at least to Viking times including located.

Klose said that column was created in last 10 000 years, and previous inhabitants of island, have used it as a toilet. Today, better, no one should try: "You can see liquid contamination immediately." Divers should go for little Viking, before you torture yourself for a half hour in your drysuit. This protects a little in front of all year round just a 2 to 4 degree cold water.

About 35 minutes to take underwater Trips. At a particularly narrow point of Silfra column, you can handle even with one Hand opposite of continental plates.

vision: More than 100 meters is visibility under water photo: picture-alliance / Photoshot/Oce

in addition to a dry diving certificate Silfra-explorers need a good physical Constitution. Klose: "There was in past years, while snorkeling, two fatal accidents with tourists, who were older than 60 years." Orwise, Silfra column is considered to be harmless: "Even in a earthquake you need to have as a diver is already extremely bad luck that one drops a stone on head," says Klose.

The walls are made of Lava Rock were resistant. And crack between continents for eternity.

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