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South Korea: Stealing documents is a ridiculous mistake

He has seized hundreds of information on war plans including North Korea, South Korea and the United States. The congressman Rhee Cheol-hee, who made a statement on the subject, used the statements of ' this absurd mistake.

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South Korea: Stealing documents is a ridiculous mistake

North Korean hackers have stolen hundreds of secret military documents from South Korea, including elaborate war plans for US allies. Democratic Party MP Rhee Cheol-Hee said that hackers entered Seoul's military network in September of last year and reached 235 gigabytes of data.

Rhee said that re are also information on leaked documents, including operational plans for use in case of war with North, and 515 operations plan attacks to kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Citing Ministry of Defence in Seoul, Rhee said 80% of leaked documents have not yet been detected.


At latest tweet at weekend, Trump repeated that diplomatic efforts with North Korea were consistently failing and said, "Only one thing will work."

Pentagon spokesman Col. Rob Manning noted that report was aware, but did not approve or reject it. "I assure you that we are confident in our ability to deal with security of our operational plans and any threat from North Korea. I'm not going to talk about wher such an attack has occurred. The only thing I have to say is that our South Korean alliance exists to deal with such situations and to protect against m, "he said.

  • However, joint military exercises with US every year, as well as information on key military facilities and power plants, said military plans of special military forces of South Korea were stolen.

North Korean hackers attacked a South Korean cyber security firm and hacked ir software. Then South Korean army used se software on ir computers. But for North Korea, things shouldn't have been that easy. Could not access computer that is closed to external connections. Rhea expressed this as a ' ridiculous mistake '.


World ' North Korean hackers stole military document ' claim


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