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Spain: Emotions distort the image of democracy

Catalonia's separatists are dangerously warming up the mood. Hundreds end demonstrate in Barcelona. But the regional government lacks the strength and majority.

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Spain: Emotions distort the image of democracy

The Catalan separatists are urging Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to continue to close. Yesterday, a general strike of rest of Catalonia was lame. In Barcelona alone, according to organizers in afternoon, 300,000 people went to streets to protest against police violence. On Sunday, parts of Spanish police violently went against people who participated in illegal referendum on independence of Catalonia. Since n, momentum has been on part of separatists. They try to use it and whip up emotions of masses.

In front of Spanish National Police headquarters in centre of Barcelona, thousands of people and chant are demonstrating: "Away with occupying troops!" Away with occupying troops! " In some parts of country, officials of National Police and Guardia Civil are harassed by people. The mood heats up dangerously. By evening, number of demonstrators in Barcelona is growing to 700,000 people, according to police.

These images conceal fact that separatist government is very weak in important respects. Their referendum on Sunday independence is based on a clear, clear constitutional breach and a violation of Catalan autonomy Statute. No European government is prepared to accept a secession of Catalonia based on a breach of Constitution. The referendum itself took place under extremely dubious circumstances. It is in no way equivalent to international standards for elections, but is worthy of a banana republic.

For this reason alone, result of 90 percent announced by Catalan government is not credible for a secession of Catalonia. Even if all this was ignored and figures announced by Catalan government would like to believe: voter turnout was 42 percent.  More than sixty percent of Catalans eligible to vote have not gone to vote. This means that separatists do not have a majority in society.

Propaganda instead of politics

These weaknesses want to overplay separatists by furr inciting already troubled followers. They try to put masses in a nationalist ecstasy by riding one attack after or against central government and police. They show no willingness to compromise, put Rajoy in a direct connection with Franco's dictatorship and draw a distorted picture of Spanish democracy. This is pure propaganda.

Opponents of Catalonia's independence carry Spanish Nationaflaggen through Barcelona. © Francisco Seco/AP/DPA

On Tuesday evening, King Felipe VI turned to Spanish people in a television address. In great clarity, he condemned Catalan government. He accused her of "disloyalty" and called to restore constitutional order. Felipe VI was clearly behind Spanish government. With no word he mentioned attacks of Spanish police. For those Catalans who do not agree with actions of ir regional government, but hirto remain silent, he had a message: "We will not leave m alone, y have loyalty and guarantees of rule of law." The King's speech was a verbal emergency brake. A warning to separatists it was also: until here and not furr! Wher separatists can be held up is very questionable. They are pushing for a decision by all means.


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