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Story of a ' crescendo ' encounter in three acts

The 5-Star Movement and the league stage their ideological differences and open the first cracks of the Italian Government

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Story of a ' crescendo ' encounter in three acts

The policy, decreed in 2001 Arthur Miller at his famous conference for Jefferson lecture, has a close degree of kinship with art of acting. One of basic rules, playwright argued, is that spectator perceives more personality of a leader than his proposals. And function that has been celebrated in Italy for a month and a half is perfect for premise. The noise deafen The lack of action, lack of figures that endorse propaganda and an end of story written in advance. Few doubt that government formed by Movement 5 stars (M5S) and league will end up jumping in air when Matteo Salvini, who already leads all surveys (32% against 29% of M5S) and monopolizes The voice of executive, it suits you. How it is reached up to that point will determine future of both parties.

The basis is to force ideological stereotypes. But re are fights in migratory question, in treatment of judicial sentences, also in labor reform or on who holds competences of each ministry. Salvini, Minister of Interior, has already had to do with defence and health owners. And Vice-President and leader of M5S, Luigi Di Maio, who sees his party being swept away by right-wing current, has rectified Eurosceptic speech of European affairs holder. A forward leak that begins to sound like a fracture and which, for moment, still does not touch substantive issues of its programs or has exaggerated reality to fulfill ors. Even president, Sergio Mattarella, has had to intervene so that Salvini allowed to disembark immigrants aboard a ship of Italian Coast Guard itself. "Politics has to illusion but it is not an illusion; It must face reality, but reality of crisis, "Miller demanded. That part of conference was never heard.

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Act One. The ports

On June 9th Matteo Salvini hung up on his Twitter account a picture with folded arms and hashtag Cerremoslospuertos. It imposed a new policy against irregular immigration and NGOs that work in Mediterranean — just when re are fewer arrivals — who caught changed foot of ir government partners. The heterogeneous M5S, especially from its most left wing, was always flexible with phenomenon and sought inclusive solutions. In addition, competencies of transport infrastructures and Coast Guard correspond to Minister Grillino Danilo Toninelli. "We know how Salvini is. He lives in a campaign, "y slip into ministry. But tone has gone up with usual field invasion of league leader and has opened cracks in several areas.

Last week, Salvini threatened to close ports also to a military ship of EU's Sophia mission and to an Italian coast guard vessel carrying 67 migrants who only wanted to let m disembark. Something that aroused furious reaction of minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta, and of own Di Maio, who made a close reminder to her partners that more realism and less slogans are needed. Even President Mattarella had to call Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, to open ports. "We know you want to break alliance and that sooner or later it will happen. The problem is when and how, that will be key, "says an important Grillino representative on Salvini.

Second act. The European Union

Enemies are indispensable to trench policy. And league, with an expert and tanned ruling class in several governments, dominates much better than its partner that aspect of game. The writer Roberto Viano, magnate George Soros or demonization of Italian press keep fire burning. But big game is European Union and Community establishment. Salvini shoots and Di Maio, also uncomfortable with this strategy, cleans blood as far as it can. The league managed to place in extremis Eurosceptic Paolo Savona in front of Ministry for European Affairs. The government's bad boy (82 years old), a time bomb scheduled to explode when Salvini decides, will interpret community melody in his own way. "We have to be prepared for everything," he launched this week in Parliament on a hypotical departure of euro.

The leader of M5S had to leave to deactivate him. "Today I can say that government does not work or think about that option. We can't even imagine it for a moment. The government does not want to leave euro. If n ors slyest to get us out, I don't know that. But it's not our will or we'll create conditions for rest to do. "

Act three. Labor reform and taxes: actual fracture

All of above can be left in slapstick comedy when real problem comes. Liga and M5S are in antipodes of labor and tax policy. The Grillinos, assistentialist and much closer to unions, are dismantling labor reform of former prime Minister Matteo Renzi and returning stiffness to recruitment. The employers have already told you that y are against and Treasury, under accusations of plot of Di Maio, has put figures to fall of jobs that can provoke. The north, in short, begins to suspect again from south. The dignity Decree, approved this week with Runrún of employers ' fund, toger with basic income of citizenship, is great bet of leader of M5S. "The Waterloo of Precarity," he has defined. But Salvini, who did not even attend Council of Ministers where he received green light, spoiled party a second later. "Parliament will improve it," he threw to reassure his own.

Discussions, rectifications and changes of opinion are daily. Also for such exotic issues as vaccines, in which Minister of Health, Giulia Grillo, faced ubiquitous Salvini. But M5S will have to work hard to fit discourse of end of caste privileges — this week has abolished life pensions of parliamentarians — with economic proposal star of league: fixed rate of income tax (flat tax). In addition to fiscal injustice that it implies, accounts that should be adopted at turn of summer and which will hardly include a strategy to compensate for such a decline for upper classes are difficult to square.

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