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Successfully rescued the 12 children and their trainer trapped in Thailand

The Navy of the Asian country reports that the rescue of the group has been completed, which it had since June 23 trapped in a cave

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Successfully rescued the 12 children and their trainer trapped in Thailand

"We're not sure wher this is a miracle, a science, or what. The thirteen wild boars are now out of cave. " This has been reported by Thai Navy on Tuesday that has successfully completed rescue of 12 children and ir trainer trapped since last June 23 in Cave of Tham Luang (norrn Thailand). On Monday, second rescue mission managed to get four young people from group of 13 to rest safely in a hospital. With four on Sunday, re were eight evacuees. More than half. This Tuesday, with plan perfectly oiled, with tranquility and experience of having achieved it twice, also third mission has been successful. In order for rescue to conclude, it is only a doctor and three members of Thai navy who have stayed with group since y were found, according to Navy.

In second mission were same 18 divers — five Thais, thirteen of or nationalities — who had taken first four on Monday without incident. After a rest of 14 hours, necessary to deposit new bottles of spare air along road, second mission began at 11.00 hours (06.00 hours in peninsular Spain).

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"We have saved four more boys," All in good health, said coordinator of works euphoric, Narongsak Osottanakorn. The mission was even faster than on first day, when it ended two hours ahead of schedule. This time, it was only necessary nine hours. After Sunday, participants in operation had reviewed what had worked and what had to be corrected. As a result, and with practice, this time development was "more fluid", added anor of commandos of operation, deputy Commander Chalongchai Yai Kham, at a press conference.

It has also helped time: on Sunday re were abundant showers, which forced support teams to try to plug holes that filtered rain to avoid rise water levels inside cave. This Monday, despite forecasts of new storms, sun shone throughout day.

In its basic pillars, plan remained same: each child has been accompanied by two expert divers, one that guided him ahead and took bottle of oxygen, and anor behind in case problems arose. Some guiding ropes were marking way. Support divers were located in key points and helped in last sections, when he could weigh more fatigue.

The Thai Prime Minister, general Prayut Chan-Ocha, chief of military junta that governs country since coup d'etat of 2014, came in afternoon to cave to supervise works on this third day of rescue and to give his personal seal of approval to an operation Q The EU keeps all of Thailand and rest of world in suspense.

"He said he hopes that a lesson has been learned... that this should not happen again on Thai soil." Although children had visited cave at or times during monsoon — from May to October — rains flooded it and entrance was forbidden.

None of rescued have been publicly identified, out of respect for families of those who still remain trapped in cave one more day. Those who are already safe in provincial Hospital of city of Chiang Rai, having been evacuated by helicopter or ambulance, have been quarantined. After more than two weeks in cave, ir immune systems are very weakened and doctors fear that contact with or human beings can infect m with any disease.

See Photo Gallery Companions of one of children trapped in cave of Tham Luang (Thailand) pay tribute to entrance of his school this Monday. Lauren DeCicca Getty Images

Even his parents have not been able to see m more than through a crystal, although according to Narongsak said, doctors consider possibility that relatives can enter in room of first evacuees.

The children and ir coach had disappeared on June 23, after participating in a training of ir football club, Moo Ba or wild boars. Without warning anyone else, y decided to ride a bike to cave, a local tourist attraction y loved to explore. A heavy storm sparked a flood that floodeded grotto and blocked ir way out. Two days later, search teams found ir bikes still tied to entrance rails of cavern. They were not found until July 2, when two British scuba divers located m, hungry and emaciated but alive, 400 meters beyond point of tunnel where y were expected to find m.


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