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Syria fires defensive missiles at threat of new raid on two bases

The regime accuses the United States and Israel of provoking the false alarm by an "electronic attack

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Syria fires defensive missiles at threat of new raid on two bases

The tension that gripsed Syrian regime following western retaliatory incursion, headed last Saturday by United States, for chemical attack in Duma may be behind excessive zeal of Syrian gunners. State television and official SANA news agency reported on early morning launch of six missiles at Sharyat air base in Homs Province (centre of country).

The Lebanese channel Al-Maydin — linked to Hezbollah, allied militia of President Bachar El Asad — said that three or missiles had been intercepted as y approached Dumair base around Damascus. Informants in field of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that explosions had been heard near two bases, but y did not find that re had been any damage to ir facilities.

Sharyat Airport was already attacked in April last year by U.S. with Tomahawk cruise missiles in punishment for chemical attack that had caused more than 80 dead in rebel city of Jan Sheijun in norrn Syria. The base of Dumair has been one of main operations centers of offensive launched two months ago by regime on Eastern Guta, in periphery of Syrian capital.

The Syrian army has culminated reconquest of Duma, main city of insurgent district of Guta, through an agreed surrender and evacuation agreement rebel militias accepted after chemical attack denounced on day 7. The alleged use of banned weapons against civilians triggered United States-France-UK joint response against regime facilities related to production and storage of chemical weapons. The Inspectors of Organization for Prohibition of Chemical weapons are already in Damascus waiting to be able to start on Wednesday ir mission of collecting samples in field.

Meanwhile, Syrian government forces have started on Tuesday offensive against an area controlled by Islamic State in sourn Damascus, reports Efe. The army's rocket attacks have caused death of at least one minor, said Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The operation aims to evict jihadi from Palestinian refugee camp in Yarmuk, partly occupied by ISIS since 2014.

The Israeli army has reinforced its deployment at borders with Lebanon and Golan Heights (Israel's occupied Syrian plateau since 1967) in anticipation of retaliation by Iran or its Shi'a allies for bombing of 9th day against T-4 airfield. , also located in Homs, where seven Iranian military men were killed. A high command of armed Forces confirmed on Monday New York Times that Israel had first launched an operation against Iranian military and facilities on that date. Hezbollah's number two, Sheikh Naim Qassem, has warned that " deliberate Israeli crime against Iranian military personnel at T-4 base will have an answer, although we still do not know what nature."


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