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Syria: Lavrov throws US-led troops & #34; bloody provocation & #34; before

The Russian foreign minister accuses the US of supporting rebels to provoke Russian troops. Geopolitical ambitions should no longer play a role.

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Syria: Lavrov throws US-led troops & #34; bloody provocation & #34; before

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused US-backed Syrian rebels of "bloody provocations" against Russian soldiers. The rebel groups would have encouraged "or terrorists" to attack territories conquered by Syrian army or to "deliberately participate in bloody provocations against our troops," said Lavrov of Saudi newspaper Aschark al-Awsat.

Lavrov, with his accusation, apparently referred to Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) supported by US-led anti-IS coalition in fight against "Islamic State". He argued that all warring parties should now "abandon ir geopolitical ambitions and contribute to restoration of stability and security in Syria" and rest of region. The international sanctions against Government of Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad would have to be lifted.

In Syrian civil war, which has been ongoing for more than six years, Russia has supported al-Assad, United States has so far supported various rebel groups with arms deliveries. However, US president Donald Trump had declared this support to be failed. In September, Kurdish-Arab SDF had accused Russia of air raids on its troops, where a fighter had been killed.


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