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Tens of thousands of people march against Trump in London

Two demonstrations stage British capital's rejection of US administration policies

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Tens of thousands of people march against Trump in London

Looking between fun and incredulous tourists and Londoners, Westminster area has dawned this Friday morning with a Donald Trump in diapers and enraged like a baby flying over British Parliament. Recognizable by ir red attire, volunteers responsible for manipulating airship had written on back of ir jackets "Trump's nannies". The huge six-metre high balloon, which flew amid cheers at 9.30 am in front of Westminster Palace, was first act of a protest day in London whose only point of day was to show Donald Trump, who is not welcome. The organizers of various protests estimate that some 250,000 people have been on street in London to cry out against president of United States. Among m, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

With noise of helicopters as a permanent soundtrack, first strong course of protest day was a demonstration convened by women's March London. The march, which has been developed peacefully and neatly, has departed at 11am from headquarters of BBC in Portland Place to end a rally in Parliament Square. Along way, he has traversed central arteries – now cut to traffic – such as Regent Street, Picadilly Circus, Haymarket, Trafalgar Square or Whitehall.

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"I'm here because I'm horrified by Donald Trump's policies. I think it is a threat to security for planet, which is alienating its allies... And I could go on and on, "says North American Meg Taylor, who has been living in Eastbourne on south coast of England for six years, and has not been deterred by a warning from US embassy, which advised citizens of that country to be resident in United Kingdom to keep "a low profile" in protests.

Baptized as Bring noise, march was literally looking for noise. And to this end, attendants have put ir hands on everything y had at ir fingertips: saucepans, saucepans, pans, drums, whistles, or his own voice, which many have raised in whistles and hoots at height of 10 Downing Street, residence of Prime Minister , Theresa May. Practically every person or group carried a different banner. The messages oscillated between expeditious – "Trump is a disgrace to humanity" –, humorous – "I know bacteria with more culture" – and Angry – "London welcomes everyone (except racists, misogynists and liars)."

A young woman was allowed a council for Queen Elizabeth II, with whom Trump planned to meet hours later: "Feed with him to corgis". And a girl of no more than five years, who accompanied her mor disguised as Wonder Woman, had put on her banner her good wishes for America: "I hope you get good soon."

The mix of protesters and slogans has been eclectic ( LGBT rainbow flag coexisted with that of European Union or with pink hats and T-shirts that symbolize march of women), which demonstrates unifying power of anti-Trump movement. But, undoubtedly, young people have carried singing voice of this "Carnival of Resistance", as or banners called it. Like Katie and Georgia, two British and Veinteañeras sisters who have come to protest. "Because we hate Trump," said first. Georgie elaborates a little more discourse: "Everything he defends goes against what our country is defending. In UK nobody wants it here. "

Different groups, including LGTBI , have protested against Trump in London. Afp

In afternoon, Jeremy Corbyn has targeted protesters from a podium installed at foot of Nelson's column. "When we unite with a common goal, we all win," proclaimed among ovations leader of labour. His predecessor, Ed Milliband, or former British deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg had also announced his presence at a mass rally that seems to have exceeded initial forecasts of assistance: The organizing coalition, Stop Trump, number in 250,000 participants.

The speeches, chants and proclamations have happened until after 7pm, although before that time streets surrounding have begun to fill with demonstrators who, already with placards lowered, 're going withdrawal mixing with tourists and Londoners at exit of work. In those banners, one word was repeated more than any or: "Resist."

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