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Tension reaches the streets of Honduras in the face of fear of electoral fraud

The tense count gives the provisional victory to the current President Juan Orlando Hernández. Nasralla fans star in various riots in different parts of the country

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Tension reaches the streets of Honduras in the face of fear of electoral fraud

The slow counting of votes in Honduras has once again placed Central American country at foot of political paralysis and confrontation in streets. Meanwhile, international community intensifies its calls to peace so that parties respect electoral outcome.

However, patience is exhausted and threatens to burn streets four days after presidential elections in which winner is not yet known.

On Thursday morning, according to official count, candidate of National Party, President Juan Orlando Hernández, surpassed in almost 30,000 votes to his rival candidate of "alliance", Salvador Nasralla.

The data, known with eyedropper, indicate that Juan Orlando would be able to renew presidency by obtaining 42.6% of votes against 41.6% obtained by popular television presenter ally of Manuel Zelaya with 89% of ballots posted. A difference of less than a point over a universe of almost 2.5 million votes received.

Four days later all looks remained in Electoral Tribunal where a slow count is carried out that has changed in a remarkable way in last hours. The trends began to turn on Wednesday as y continued to recorded minutes coming from rural areas.

The initial advantage of Nasralla by five points began to change progressively in favor of current president, which provoked discomfort from followers of "alliance", who insist on allegations of fraud due to thousands of minutes dismissed or not counted by Inconsistencies, so y starred in various protests in various parts of country.

The results, which previously favored Nasralla, began to change afternoon of Wednesday and give advantage to Hernandez. To feeling of system contributes a "fall of system" in center of computation which prevented to follow scrutiny for several hours. When normal returned, Juan Orlando Hernandez came to his head at count.

Since n tension has moved to street. Supporters of "alliance" protested, road cuts and tire burning in different parts of country and followers of National Party, currently in power, also brought pressure to street by convening caravans to celebrate advantage of ir Candidate.

For its part, Organization of American States (OAS) requires that definitive results not be made public until count of 100% of votes is completed and it has signed a document to parties where y undertake to accept result. "I call on behalf of all militants, sympathizers and Honduran people in general to wait calmly and peacefully for scrutiny of election of November 26", says pact signed.

However, a few minutes after stamping his signature, Nasralla was disowned and denied document.

"Gentlemen, we have seen face of fools and we want to steal triumph." "I no longer trust court," said Nasralla. "The winner was me, it's impossible to turn him." We never went down, always trend was growing, y stoped system and today (Wednesday) y threw it away and I'm not going to accept that, he said.

"I signed a document without thinking that by signing it, it would represent system's fall." I'll only respect outcome of physical records. "I report that document is not valid with OAS," he announced in a press conference. Two days earlier Nasralla warned in an interview with country that he would mobilize his followers in streets to defend his triumph.

On or hand, OAS regretted decision and asked electoral body to count votes "in a transparent way". The OAS will continue to work in favor of justice in Honduran elections, " OAS said in its official Twitter account.

Rocking hand of Nasralla is former president Manuel Zelaya, expelled from power in 2009 with a coup d'etat and denounces a "gigantic" fraud as he already suffered when in last election he presented his wife Xiomara Castro in charge now is At stake. The concern of international community is that tension in count is overflowing in street and accent polarization of a fractured society after blow that expelled at night and in Pajamas Zelaya of power.

Riots at various points in Honduras


Hundreds of followers of Salvador Nasralla were dissolved yesterday Wednesday with tear gas in streets of Tegucigalpa where tense count takes place. In or parts of country its supporters cut off several roads and burned tires to demand transparency to electoral organ.

The riots began after Nasralla announced that it was withdrawing from an agreement that it had signed hours before with Organization of American States (OAS). His complaint came shortly after Supreme Electoral Tribunal's website failed to upload preliminary information about results, just as Hernández ahead, for first time and for less than half a point, to Nasralla. The president of Electoral Tribunal attributed interruption to a fall in system which increases suspicions of "fraud." The response of opposition alliance that make up Nasralla and former President Manuel Zelaya was to appeal to his followers to mobilize throughout country.


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