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The Allies are wary of Trump pact with Putin behind him

NATO leaders will try to tie short the US president at today's dinner in Brussels

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The Allies are wary of Trump pact with Putin behind him

"Before, a summit between an American president and his Russian counterpart was received with hope, now it is suspiciously," admits a senior NATO official. The possibility that Donald Trump can reach agreements with Vladimir Putin with his back to his allies in interview that will be held on 16th in Helsinki is a nightmare for European leaders, who at dinner tonight in Brussels will try to tie in I cut American president.

"Trump is unpredictable," admits allied sources. And, in terms of security, re is nothing more dangerous than that which cannot be foreseen.

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Allied Governments have received assurances that US president will not make concessions to Putin during his first bilateral summit and will remain steadfast in rejecting annexation of Crimea or Russian interference in Ukraine, condemned by community International. The Ukrainian president himself, Petred Poroshenko, invited today to Brussels summit with his Georgian counterpart, has promise that military aid he receives from United States will not be reduced to fight prorrusas militias.

But not even head of Pentagon, James Mattis, whose influence on president is waning, nor U.S. ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, can put his hand on fire for what his boss will do. "It all depends on your state of humour," admit those sources.

Perhaps to avoid such shocks as occurred at G-7 summit in early June in Canada, from whose communiqué Washington was picked up by Trump's tantrum, conclusions of NATO's conclave are now closed, even before it begins today and Spict An ion of US delegation, according to Allied sources.

Trump has withdrawn from Paris treaty against climate change and has broken nuclear agreement with Iran, demonstrating that view of international community as a whole is brought to fresh. In addition, it has embarked on a trade war and has appealed for national security to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum; Even products from same countries with which it maintains a treaty that requires military assistance if security of one of m is threatened.

Trump has finally shown that he despises multilateral forums and that he is more comfortable in bilateral negotiations, where he feels strong and with his hands free. The way he negotiated with North Korean dictator Kim Yong-a denuclearization without timetable or verification mechanisms is a disturbing precedent, according to same sources.

For this reason, Heads of State and Government of 28 US partners will take advantage of today's dinner in Brussels to urge Trump to defend Allies ' agreed position in Helsinki and to remain steadfast in face of Putin.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg was confident yesterday that transatlantic link will remain "despite trade disagreements" or criticisms of United States on spending of Europeans in defence. It is not first time, he argued, that alliance is facing a crisis and has always been strengned.

The agreements to be adopted at this summit — creation of two new controls in Norfolk (USA) and ULM (Germany), launching of a training mission in Iraq, or invitation to Macedonia to start accession negotiations — suggest that NATO enjoys Good health. But if Trump comes to agreements with Putin on security issues without his allies, organization will be killed.

For now, he has already winked at Russian president before leaving Washington to declare that, out of three problems that will focus his European tour (NATO, Brexit, and Putin), his disagreement with Putin "might be easiest to solve. Who would have said it? "


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