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The 'ciberbatalla' in the Red for independence

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The 'ciberbatalla' in the Red for independence

The separatists shielding your web to locks of UCO ordered by judges

One of domains that Prosecution wants to close, was purchased from a company linked to Resistance Galega

The UCO believes that independents have purchased more domains in anticipation that y close more of our sites

The battle both in favor of and against Catalan independence is also plays on Network, and with rawness. The separatists, observant of locks court that will cripple your web pages, use all tricks possible for which cause is still alive in computers. The officers of crime unit telematic UCO, with various orders that are coming from prosecutors and judges, closed domains while attending to birth of or new.

This Friday were closed by court order, web and form for presentation of volunteers who work toger in organization of illegal voting. This same week was also turn of a, that opened shortly after with anor name. One of tricks used by pro-independence has been to hire services of Cloudflare, a company of Arizona (USA) that provides a server between server of original web and users.

The Generalitat moves web of referendum outside of Spain ATLAS (Video)

This is a barrier to any denial of service attack against this web site, because it is blocked in intermediate server. This, however, did not prevent was closed yesterday, although to be hosted on server of Cloudflare.

Much of this page as now present image that illustrates this information, with a message that warns of lock court that has been subjected to, and coat of arms of Guardia Civil.

The Prosecutor's office filed Thursday a complaint against leaders of Association of Municipalities for Independence, which y called mayors separatists to sign a decree of support for 1-O. This complaint includes request for closure of two or new and

A domain was purchased from a company that UNIVERSITY linked with Resistance Galega in or research

According to has been able to verify this newspaper, second he bought domain (web address) in Dinahosting, a company of La Coruna that was recorded a while ago by UCO for ir alleged links with web sites of radicals, Resistance Galega. In case of this website, its authors have chosen to hide all data of who manages web or who pays for its maintenance.

The or website, Prosecution wants to close from Thursday,, yes it is more open and account with data from Associacio Catalana de Municipis and Comarques, although in this case, domain has more than 10 years old, was not created specifically for 1-O.

Tweet in which Puigdemont announced new URL after close of

While UCO will cutting service to se domains will appear new in a very short time, as happened with In this case, it was same Puigdemont who was in charge of advertising on Twitter new URL, after just one hour.

This makes one think of agents that re is a certain amount of domains already registered by pro-independence in anticipation of various closures that occur. However, lucidity that you have chosen name should PSOE, who registered this domain for 11 years, but n adopted by government, as already announced, The Confidential.

in Addition to ease of change name to a web site to keep it active, agents found anor difficulty: almost all domains are .cat, and authority of those domains depends on Generalitat de Catalunya, as of .it depends on central Government. In a situation less hostile, usual thing would be that UCO is to lead m to those who have ultimate authority over those domains .cat to ask for your closing, but in current situation it is impractical to ask Government to close this or that page.

that is why researches are directed towards companies that host se pages. The agents, identify m and n provide m with injunction to cut out service, which are required if you do not want to commit crimes of disobedience and obstruction of Justice.

But even though companies to do so, re are dozens of that purchasing new domains, or hire m a server, so that this persecution, at least until you pass 1-Or, it could become game of cat and mouse.


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