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The attacks in Paris, a prison less hard for Salah Abdeslam. "Dà signs of paranoia"

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The attacks in Paris, a prison less hard for Salah Abdeslam. "Dà signs of paranoia"
PARIS – To launch l’alarm è was his former lawyer, Frank Berton: "I see It sink more and more in his isolation and mutism becauseé conditions of detention are really frightening". So è was enough to alert l’administration, prison of Fleury-Mérogis and let her take immediate measures of safety, although inmate in question, Salah Abdeslam, l’only one attacker survived cruentissimi attacks of 13th of November 2015 in Paris, both più supervised of France. His prison conditions were immediately lightened, and made more human.In last few months Abdeslam has started to show signs of paranoia, depression, irritabilità. After ascertaining that inmate does not simulate symptoms, public prosecutor of Paris and l’administration of jail have, first of all, decided to intervene in interests of ’investigation and process. Now, to avoid a suicide, 28-year-old islamic terrorist, in prison for a year and a half, is under video surveillance 24 hours on 24. And just to take care of him, inmate number 428001, prison employs as many as eight prison guards.  France: here is prison of Salah Abdeslam Share   È was n removed from glass between room and its tours, has been granted an isolated space on roofs and two hours of walk per day. Now willà also to pray in his cell, with a mat for prayer and a copy of quran. At moment, only his family can; go to visit him, and he is searched after every meeting. "In next few days will beà also removed plexiglass that shields window", says a source in direction of prison. "But draconian conditions of detention will remain as is," adds source, referring to fact that Abdeslam will stayà, however, was guarded day and night, and that sarà always prevented from communicating with or inmates in order to avoid risk of exchange d’information, but also to make any proselytes.

 The entrance to prison of Fleury Merogis

Share   when &is locked up in jail after his extradition in 'April of last year from Belgium where he was arrested, terrorist has often had an aggressive behavior with prison staff, and when judge in tò in video-conference prolongation of his detention, he sputò on camera. But since a few month, its prostration profound concern for power of Attorney. By end of ’year will be heard in Belgium for a shooting in Brussels in march 2016 during his escape. That’s hearing will allowà judges are to make a’idea of true state of his mental health. 


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