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The author of the terrorist attack on the London underground was arrested when he tried to leave the United Kingdom

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The author of the terrorist attack on the London underground was arrested when he tried to leave the United Kingdom

The Islamic State claimed attack in London underground and threat: "The worst is yet to come"

A bombing on London Underground with a "bucket pump" because at least 29 wounded

The 18-year-old arrested on Saturday morning in Dover is alleged perpetrator of explosion with 'bucket bomb' in London underground that left 29 people injured, as revealed by police sources to 'The Daily Mail'. The suspect was cornered and arrested in port city coastal when I was trying to leave country. According to police sources, continue looking for or potential suspects.

meanwhile, british police have carried out a raid in town of Sunbury-on-Thames, south of London, in an operation related to terrorist attack on subway. More than 60 people were evacuated by anti-terrorist units, in vicinity of address where it is assumed that manufactured pump and to search for possible accomplices.

As revealed on The Daily Mail, house where re was police raid is property of Ronald (88 years old) and Penelope Jones (71), distinguished by Queen with Order of British Empire for having adopted temporarily to 268 children throughout his life, many of m refugees from wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea or Syria. The marriage does not live in house since last February, but it is unknown if past tenant kept a relationship with m.

The police created even a evacuation centre in a rugby club,, where y were confined neighbors evacuated for hours while y continued investigation. Despite showy operation, followed by from sky by helicopter, neighbors praised work of police. "you Have been very kind with us", confessed to a neighbour, Sarah Richards."They have invited us to leave our homes and all have discoursed calmly, without any drama".

The secretary of Interior, Amber Rudd, said that re has been a progress "significant" in investigation after arrest, but he justified maintenance of alert and counter-terrorism at maximum level: - risk "critical" of a terrorist attack. The british authorities have not yet revealed identity of person detained nor have broadcast images captured by closed-circuit in station of Parsons Green, which served apparently to identify it. According to The Daily Mail several neighbors have confirmed that arrestad is a "young welcomed and problematic," that he came to be arrested before and released by police just two weeks ago. Scotland Yard has not confirmed or denied this information, although president, Trump said Friday on his twitter account that suspect was "signed" by police.

The undersecretary for Security Ben Wallace recognized this Saturday at BBC that Scotland Yard is working on hyposis of suspect - , hence fear of a second attack with a similar device and decision to raise terrorist alert level to "critical".

According to 'The Daily Mail', alleged author of 'bucket bomb' was caught by security cameras doing a call with his mobile phone seconds before explosion. The police has denied that perpetrator was even identified.

The vicecomisario of Special Operations at Scotland Yard, Mark Rowley revealed yesterday that police not only have recordings by a closed-circuit in station and in metro, but also a total of 77 images and videos captured by travelers and witnesses. In addition, several forensic experts are examining wher remains of explosive device.

With terrorist alert level to "critical" ( highest), a thousand policemen will watch this weekend streets of british capital, before fear of new attacks. The decision to raise alert, according to Government, has been taken by Center for Analysis of Terrorism, composed of representatives from 16 Government departments and with headquarters in offices of secret service MI5 ( internal). The 'premier', Theresa May, explained last night that this measure is "proportionate" and "sensitive".

This level is "critical" alert also provides for mobilization of troops in public buildings, stations and places, especially popular in london capital.

The last time that british authorities decided to raise threat level to "critical" was on 22nd may after suicide attack on stadium, Manchester Arena, in north of England, which caused 22 dead and 59 wounded in concert of Ariana Grande. In past 11 years, alert has reached this point of maximum alert in four occasions.

The explosion of Parsons Green is fifth terrorist attack of magnitude registered in Uk so far this year, including attacks on London Bridge and Westminster, and incident with a van in vicinity of a mosque in Finsbury Park.


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