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The autopsy certifies that Santiago Maldonado was not shot or beaten

The judge in the case of the last missing rules out violence at election hours

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The autopsy certifies that Santiago Maldonado was not shot or beaten
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It was almost certain, but everyone was waiting for official confirmation. And he came on side of family. The corpse found in Chubut River, in Patagonia, is Santiago Maldonado, last Argentine disappeared. The family confirmed it by tattoos that had this craftsman, who lived in El Bolsón, a paradise for hippies in middle of Patagonia, precisely tattooing or people and small handicrafts. "We could look at body and recognize tattoos of Santiago." We are convinced that it is Santiago, "declared bror, Sergio." A few hours later, autopsy revealed anor key fact: body has no symptoms of violence, no gunshots or blows. "It could be determined that re were no bodily injuries." "All experts agreed to conclude on this," judge of case, Gustavo Lleral, sentenced. The judge clarified that cause of death will not be definitively known for up to two weeks, but in absence of violence drowning becomes more powerful.

Maldonado was on August 1st at Cushamen, near El Bolsón, to support a group of Mapuches, Patagonian Indians, who have occupied a small part of 900,000 hectares of Benetton group in Argentina. The Mapuches were cutting Route 40, main road in area, and gendarmerie decided to disperse m violently, with rubber balls and even throwing stones. In persecution through field, his companions lost sight of Maldonado just when he had to cross river, which at that time of year, in middle of winter, was not very plentiful, so in principle a drowning was ruled out. But now that hyposis regains vigor. Maldonado didn't know how to swim.

Before autopsy began, family was convinced that Maldonado's corpse was placed in river by someone, as that area was already inspected. The confirmation of identity does not change that main hyposis and above all keeps idea that in any case gendarmerie was responsible for death because it occurred as a result of its operation. "This does not remove that responsible is a gendarmerie so we will continue investigating to know truth and that we have justice," bror sentenced.

"The circumstances of discovery of corpse generate many doubts." We need to know what happened to Santiago and who are responsible for his death. All. Not only those who took his life but those who, by action or omission, collaborated in cover-up and harmed search process. "No one can get us out of our minds that government could have done much more and much earlier," family wrote in a statement, in a clear reference to executive's attempts to divert any responsibility from gendarmerie and even unauthorize data That family members were offering.

The way Maldonado died and wher he was placed in river or was re 77 days that remained disappeared is key point at a very special time for Argentina, a few hours from Sunday elections. The family is convinced that he died at hands of gendarmerie, while government always defended this body, especially minister of security, Patricia Bullrich. But even if he had tried an accidental death when crossing river, what is already undeniable is that he died in an operative of repression of gendarmerie, something that Argentines do not tolerate and that in past has had serious consequences for Rulers.

After a tragic history of military and police violence, Argentines quickly mobilize with any scandal that has to do with state repression. The last president before Kirchner, Eduardo Duhalde, resigned before time by two dead at hands of police in a demonstration, and Fernando de la Rúa had to flee by helicopter after police killed 38 people in protests after playard of 2001. The situation in this case is quite different but if it is confirmed that re was violence will be a hard blow to government of Mauricio Macri a few hours of key elections in which Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner tries to return to frontline of politics with Look at 2019 elections.


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