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The Balfour Declaration on the London subway prevents the banners

The London public transportation administration blocked banners protesting the Balfour Declaration, which will be in the centenary of November 2nd. "The decision is under the influence of institutional forces and active lobbying groups to silence Palestine," Ambassador Sensisian, head of the Palestinian mission to London. In Britain there may be freedom of expression in all matters, but not about Palestine, ' he said.

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The Balfour Declaration on the London subway prevents the banners

The London Public Transport Administration (TfL) blocked banners protesting Balfour Declaration, which will be in centenary of November 2nd.

The TfL did not allow posters of Israeli state to be hung by pictures that compare life in Palestine and n on Balfour Declaration, including quotations, subways and buses.

The posters, prepared by mission of London Flotilla of Palestine, were drawn up by 67 words 100 years ago, "an aspiring public. The legacy of British government is still alive today, "he said.

  • In addition to paintings showing consequences of Israeli violence in Palestine, 67 words Balfour Declaration is "nothing will be done to harm religious and civil rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine." Allowed.

A statement from TfL was argued that posters were not "in accordance with rules". TfL's declaration of announcement stipulates that "partially political" advertisements are not accepted with advertisements that include pictures and messages that lead to public opinion or sensitivity.


Reaction from Magic

The President of Palestinian Mission in London, Ambassador Manuel Sensitisian, accused TfL of censorship in a written statement.

"History of Palestine, a censored date. The British government has been covered in Balfour Declaration, but word he has not kept is over centuries, "he said, noting:

  • "TfL's decision is not a surprise. The decision is under influence of institutional forces and active lobbying groups to silence Palestine. There may be freedom of expression in all things in Britain, but not in Palestine. "

On or hand, Palestinian posters, which TfL does not allow, are expected to be placed on London's famous black taxis. The taxis, however, will also carry opposing campaign posters, which would include groups that support Israel.

Balfour Declaration

Britain was first major state to support project, which envisions creation of an Israeli "homeland" on Palestinian Territory with Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917.


The Foreign Minister of period, Alfred Balfour, declared this support with a letter from important figures of Zionist campaign to Lord Walter Rothschild. The declaration is seen as most important milestone in process of establishing Israeli state.

In 67 words of "Balfour Declaration" in history, in Palestine, Israeli "Homeland" was expressed in creation of support, and rights of current population in region would be assured that it would not be harmed.

No apologies, no invitation

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas demanded an apology for Balfour Declaration from Britain last year. "We are approaching 100th anniversary of this shameful declaration, and we demand an apology from Great Britain on behalf of Palestinian people," Abbas said.


Palestinian groups support this apology call with events organised around world.

The British Government, which does not apologize for any apology, is 100. Preparing to celebrate his year. As part of celebrations, Israeli Prime Minister Binyanim Netanyahu is expected to arrive in London on November 2nd as an invitation from his British counterpart, Theresa May.


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