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The bananas from Guadeloupe and Martinique brought to the ground by hurricane Maria

The banana is the main export crop of these two islands of the French west Indies. The producers are considering a return to the market in the summer of 2018 only.

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The bananas from Guadeloupe and Martinique brought to the ground by hurricane Maria
Banana as trampled, a few trees still standing, but naked : hurricane Maria was devastated to 100% of banana supply chain in Guadeloupe, and 70 % of that of Martinique, according to professionals of sector. With gusts blowing at 260 km/h, Maria has only a mouthful of banana trees, which are average of diets from 30 to 40 kg.

The production is scheduled to resume that by nine to twelve months. "All farms are destroyed. There are no more bananas to export. ", tells Agence France-Presse (AFP) Francis Lignières, president of association of banana producers of Guadeloupe, which has 220 members to 2 000 hectares of banana plantations.

't seen for thirty years

Has Hot, David Mirre exploitate twelve acres : "I've lost all sales to end of year, without counting that of next year. "It provided 450 tons for export per year, for a turnover of 350 000 euros annually. "Memory, it's been almost thirty years" and hurricane Hugo of 1989 ", as we had not known it, " says Philippe Aliane, director of producer group.

just over spared, Martinique " is going to lose 70 % of production ", says Philippe Ruelle, director-general of union of associations of banana producers (UGPban) of two islands. To north and on Atlantic coast, most exposed, " between 80 and 100 % of farms are on land ".

In total, sector, strong of 600 producers, provides each year 250 000 tonnes of bananas to Europe, or 5 000 to 6 000 tonnes per week. "For next few months, re will fall between 600 and 800 tons weekly ", evaluate it.

natural Disaster

The state of natural disaster has been decided by government. The order will also enable producers to continue to receive european aid, which is essential to reinvest, without having to produce quota usually necessary to benefit from se funds. Similarly, 6 000 employees of industry, very concerned, will be able to benefit of technical unemployment.

as much as Maria comes almost a year after storm Matw, which had already ravaged 40 % of banana plantations of Martinique, reminds Mr. Lane : "Some producers, who have had to reinvest and waited finally harvest to raise, found a new time to earth. "


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