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The bill's economic fire of Doñana: two million euros only for the extinction

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The bill's economic fire of Doñana: two million euros only for the extinction

The technical Board did not include in your initial estimate of costs of environmental restoration that will not boot up within a year

Three charged in fire that surrounded park of Doñana

The second worst forest fire registered in Spain this year, that ravaged nearly 9,000 acres next to National Park of Doñana, it is going to cost dearly to Board of Andalusia. Only in extinction expenses, invoice is around two million euros, according to calculations that make technicians of regional Administration that y are preparing a report for court that investigates causes of loss.

The fire that originated at end of month of June in place of The Peñuela, in town of huelva in Moguer, forced to mobilize to hundreds of troops of Plan Infoca, and of Military Emergency Unit (UME) with support of more than a dozen planes and helicopters, who waged a battle to life or death - risk was highest - for 63 hours until y were able to control flames.

The cost of all this operating is what you are calculating, specialists of ministry of Environment and spatial Planning and in two million that, according to sources close to investigation, will bill do not include costs of restoration of environment of area burned, all of it of high ecological value. Not in vain, a good part of soil-ash is included within limits of natural park of Doñana, belt surrounds and protects reserve, declared a world Heritage site.

Including recovery of ground -trees, and ors-, bill will trigger even more, although it is very complicated to make an accurate estimate for work, according to criterion of specialists, will not boot up within a year.

In any case, sources consulted indicated that judge instructor and office of Prosecutor intend to have an overall figure that you will be able to claim those who are declared to be responsible of damage without lengning, for years judicial investigation.

By now re are three accused for an alleged crime of forest fire through serious negligence, responsible maximum of coalyard that company's Coals Fergón has in The Peñuela, what exactly are compelled to declare this Thursday in court in quality of investigated.

The defense, explained sources of case, has filed a expert report signed by a chemist and a physicist who suggests that fire was intentional, and did not originate at headquarters of company.

Report of Guardia Civil

But both experts of Brigade of Research of Forest Fires (BRIF) as Guardia Civil have pointed to coalyard and have ruled out even camping ardiese by or fire different.

The crime y face is that of forest fire by gross negligence, by which y were charged by Guardia Civil when agents of Seprona were called to testify, but n decided to remain silent and not answer any question on grounds that it had knowledge of proceedings.

Both Prosecution and judge agree on qualification of a crime is contained in article 353 of Criminal Code and provides penalties of six years from jail.

In this case, Public Ministry shall take utmost account of severity of consequences of fire that started, according to all indications, in coalyard. In fact, although accident caused no casualties personal, yes, put at risk to thousands and thousands of vacationers in enclaves of Mazagon and at campsite in Doñana, where it was necessary to proceed to mass evacuations.

added To this are attempts of suspects clear footprints that may incriminate m and which have now been uncovered in investigations carried out by agents of Environment as of Seprona of Civil Guard.


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