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The BOE publishes the mechanism of control of payments to Catalonia

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The BOE publishes the mechanism of control of payments to Catalonia

The Government takes control of Budget of government to prevent diversion of money to 1-Or

This measure will be extended "until risk situation"

Treasury will control month to 1,400 million accounts Catalan

The Official State Bulletin (BOE) has published order through which State replaces government in payment of public services with aim of which do not allocate any item to fund referendum secessionist, October 1.

The publication in official gazette triggers 48-hour deadline to Government to approve an agreement of non-availability of funds on all budget in catalonia which is not linked to key public services, such as payroll, health, education and social services.

Official Bulletin of State (16092017) by EdmundoForbes on Scribd

In event that Government does not approve agreement of non-availability within prescribed time, minister of Treasury shall adopt and communicate to president and comptroller General of catalonia.

The Government announced Friday agreement of Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs, that represents audit of accounts of Generalitat to assume payment of essential services in Catalonia.

The minister of Finance, Cristobal Montoro, explain terms of this decision next week in an appearance at ir own request in Congress of Deputies.

in Addition to committing to not having budget items not intended for essential services-payroll, health, education and social services-, Generalitat shall credit payments to Catalan administration and certify that y are not going for referendum secessionist.

The State will not be new transfers to Catalonia in order to pay for key public services, but will pay directly for se services to providers once government certifies all of expenses that it has outstanding.

This measure will be extended, according to text published in BOE, "until situation of risk for general interest in Autonomous Community of Catalonia, or as necessary to ensure provision of public services in Autonomous Community".

The Executive has sent agreement to entities of credit that require that any payment of government is accompanied by a certificate of General Intervention, and if y detect any irregularity should notify Prosecutor's office.

The Government also limits all debt operations of government, even in short term, because that must have prior authorization of Council of Ministers.

According to Government, this mechanism is establishes " guarantee that all world is going to become on time" to "uncertainty" that is generating process of independence.

The Government adopted this mechanism of control payment after vice-president of Government, Oriol Junqueras, sent last Thursday, a letter to Ministry of Finance in communicating government was to send weekly reports on ir expenditures and only do monthly.

The Supreme Court rejected Friday request of government of that suspended, confiscate obligation imposed on central Government to inform you of ir expense.

According to Generalitat, Government's decision to assume control of costs of basic services in Catalonia assumes that Executive "has been applied to article 155 of Constitution by back door".

The secretary of Economy of Government, Pere Aragonès, warned yesterday that re will be "legal battle" in State and also in EU against this measure.


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