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The British oppose the Brexit of May and embrace radical options

A survey reveals the vulnerability of the Prime Minister and the stormy political moment that crosses the country

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The British oppose the Brexit of May and embrace radical options

Theresa May has survived, for moment, political crisis unleashed after publication of her plan for a smooth breakup with EU, which cost him resignation of two ministers and several intermediate positions, as well as angry rejection of Brexit hard sector. But that does not mean that its horizon is clear, as a survey published this Sunday reveals, which reevidences vulnerability of Prime Minister and stormy political moment that crosses country. The great majority of British oppose Prime minister's plans for a soft Brexit, according to YouGov poll for Sunday Times, and a third of voters would support a possible new Right-wing party committed to breaking EU.

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The poll also reveals that voters would prefer Boris Johnson, former foreign minister who resigned two weeks ago in protest of May's plans, a standard bearer of hard and eternal Brexit aspiring party leadership, to negotiate with Brussels and Lead Conservative party until next election. Only 16% approve way that May is managing Brexit, and 34% believe that Johnson would do job better.

May's plan, which includes a free-trade area of goods with EU, is barely supported by one out of every nine voters, and most believe that it is not faithful to outcome of 2016 referendum, in which country voted to leave EU. The Conservative Party, led by May, stands at a 38% voting intention, a point below Labour Party. Both formations would be tied, according to survey, if Boris Johnson led Tories, while any of his supposed rivals for leadership would reap worse results.

The survey, carried out by one of country's leading Demoscópicas companies, draws an unusual polarization of voters, which tend towards extremes of political spectrum and feel alienated from two main traditional parties. 38% would vote for a right-wing party committed to Brexit, and one in four voters claims that it would support an explicitly right-wing, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim party, according to survey conducted between 1,668 adults on 19 and 20 July . At same time, half of respondents would support remaining in EU for a new referendum, and one-third would vote for a new centrist party opposed to Brexit. Currently, none of two major parties, neir Tory nor Labour, contemplate possibility of re-submitting Brexit to a referendum.

The poll is published just when, according to Sunday Times, re are movements on both sides to create new political formations that connect with new times. Donors of Conservative Party and allies of Nigel Farage, a leader of anti-European UKIP, are raising funds for a new party to fight for a radical Brexit, according to Sunday. The same newspaper assures that a person very close to Steve Bannon, chief strategist of Trump and Key man in new American extreme right, told him that this plans to create a popular right-wing movement that replicates, from or side of spectrum Politically, to momentum, citizen movement clothing Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

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