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The building of the Socialist Party sank in France went on sale

The historic headquarters of the Socialist Party, known as the former President François Holland's party, was released in the last two elections in France, with a newspaper announcement.

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The building of the Socialist Party sank in France went on sale

The Ilanda, published in Economic newspaper Les Echos, is a historic building in 3 thousand 389 square meters wide on Solferino street in Paris.

On Tuesday evening, party management received final decision on long-debated sale, but also announced that 60 of party's closest employees would be ended.

Ilanda, until November 6, current applications will be evaluated meticulously and customer must be guaranteed a minimum of 5m euros to be notified.

The Socialist Party's symbol names are recorded in period of former president François Mitterrand, which was purchased in 1981 and symbolic value of French left can be sold to 50-60 m euros.


Jean-François Debat, financial worker of party, who is noting that party budget, which is 28m euros annually with state aid to electoral hezimet, has fallen to 8m euros, which means a loss of around 100 m euros during 5-year period He transferred it.

To open a new page...

Party management has previously denied allegations of sales, "moving party headquarters to open a new page," idea revealed.

The party's historic headquarters building was rented for a series of television shootings in July and had a great debate in this country.

The Socialist Party, which has been giving direction to politics of France for last 50 years, had voted under 10 per cent in general elections of President and parliamentary election this year.


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