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The candidates 'sanchistas' of Seville, Granada, Jaén and Huelva, excluded, unable to get endorsements for the primary

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The candidates 'sanchistas' of Seville, Granada, Jaén and Huelva, excluded, unable to get endorsements for the primary

The primary shall be brought to secretary of local socialist in five provinces

The PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, concerned about provincial primary in Andalusia

validation of The guarantees ceases struggle for leadership of PSOE granada in a 'hand to hand' between two candidates 'susanistas'

Seville, Jaen and Huelva already know that will be provincial secretary, socialist, once deadline for submission of guarantees, which have been excluded candidates 'sanchistas' to not gar sufficient support. In five provinces remaining it will be necessary to hold a primary election to settle provincial leader of party. In Granada, although re are two candidates, both are 'susanistas', have been left out in final applicant 'sanchista' José María Rueda.

Veronica Perez in Seville and Francisco Reyes Martinez in Jaen have been only ones to get necessary guarantees in ir respective provinces, while a similar situation has occurred in Huelva, where current secretary-general, Ignacio Caraballo, has met 74% of total support, while candidate of sector "sanchista", Joseph Martin, has announced an appeal on ground that have occurred irregularities.

In Seville, candidacy of Veronica Perez has presented this Saturday, shortly before end of term official, more than 6,300 endorsements, which triple necessary support, while precandidata sector "sanchista", Eva Patricia Good, announced this Friday that has gone to a point of required percentage.

The Provincial Commission of Ethics of PSOE in Jaén has agreed to proclaim Francisco Reyes Martinez as an elected general secretary of PSOE in Jaén after counting of guarantees, being only one of three candidates has exceeded number of twenty percent required, because Felix Manzaneda Oneto and Valerian Bermudez Palomar have not provided guarantees.

Huelva, candidacy of present secretary-general, Ignacio Caraballo, has met 74% of total guarantees, while "sanchista" Joseph Martin has announced that it will present a resource to ensure that irregularities in process that would have favoured official candidate.


The Commission of Guarantees of socialist party of Almería continues to count of endorsements of three candidates for secretary general of party in province of almeria, according to sources socialists could continue until wee hours of night this Saturday.

The current secretary-general, José Luis Sánchez Teruel, has been informed that his candidacy has delivered 2.308 guarantees; senator and spokesman of Municipal Socialist Group of Almería, Juan Carlos Pérez Navas, has indicated that his has obtained 1.255, and former mp national Antonio Lopez Olmo has said that it has been done with 1.238, exceeding three court of a thousand necessary guarantees.


In Malaga, teams of candidacies of José Luis Ruiz Mirror and Rafael Fuentes have presented this Saturday, as necessary guarantees, in absence of official verification, to be eligible for primary elections of next October 1 on which is elected to a provincial secretary of PSOE of Malaga.


A similar situation will occur in Cadiz, where two aspirants to office of provincial secretary, Irene Garcia and Jesus Ruiz Cayuso, have got to present collateral sufficient to be able to stand for primaries, to overcome minimum of 1.008.

Sources of both precandidaturas have pointed to Efe that designation as candidates will not be official until September 20, when end of validation process and resolved potential resources that are presented.


In absence of PSOE of Cordoba make public official count, two candidates provided have presented this Saturday guarantees that will allow holding of primaries, and who will confront to a candidate 'sanchista', secretary's local PP Goat and a member of Federal Committee of PSOE, Teba Roldán, and to president of Diputación, Antonio Ruiz, more attached to appliance andalusian PSOE.

The candidates have cited militancy in cordoba to vote on 1st of October.


The validation of collateral leaves final straight in battle for provincial direction of PSOE granada in a 'hand to hand' between two candidates: Jose Trains, president of Provincial council and deputy secretary in executive, outbound, and Noel Lopez, mayor of Maracena. The sieve that has followed presentation of support gared by applicants left out of struggle to local secretary, José María Rueda, which in final count has been below average marked by standards set for process precongresual.

A percentage of 20 percent of census affiliates that Wheel reported for high and that, ultimately, leaves out battle at candidate 'sanchista' in front of lance-final which will be played two 'susanistas', Trains, and Lopez, who once closed, validation of guarantees have been more evenly matched than it could at first think: 2.276, which brought candidate of 'apparatus', compared to 2.006 presented by mayor of Maracena. Rueda, for his part, 1,001, was more than three hundred of 1.369, which correspond to 20 percent of a census of affiliates close to 6,500 in PSOE in granada.

José Trains (D), Jose Maria Rueda (R) and Noel Lopez (C), in Granada. M. RODRÍGUEZ

The sieve underwriting duplicate, in addition to some considered null and void, does not hide high participation of members in process precongresual, a percentage around 90 per cent of miitantes y should now decide with your vote name that will replace Teresa Jimenez, vice-president of andalusian Parliament, that he renounced re-election. The validation of guarantees and ir corresponding sieve has affected you, in any case, at Wheel (almost 400) to a greater extent than ir rivals, as coach and Lopez just lost a hundred on initially presented at midday this Saturday-closed term.

The high number of endorsements, according to sum of those gared for three candidates, predicted a sieve prolonged throughout day until proclamation of final candidates. In environment of both Trains as Lopez and Wheel was considered "very difficult" with a participation in this process of collection of collateral that exceeds 90 percent of militancy, y would not have produced a multitude of duplicates, which -according to internal rules of party - nullifies guarantees for all applications that had been supported with ir signature.

from now opens a period of four days for presentation and, if none, Wednesday will be proclaimed official candidates Jose Trains and Noel López. Then, we will develop an information campaign on part of candidates until day 30, eve of day of voting, on 1st of October.

The disclaimer of Teresa Jimenez to re-election opened battle by provincial secretary of PSOE Granada, struggle to which have been added to current chairman of Council, Joseph Train, secretary of local executive, José María Wheel, and mayor of Maracena, Noel López. In front of a reproduction of lid between 'susanistas' and 'sanchistas' heralding duel López-Wheel, and which now will not occur, appearance of Trains, an option that hovered in political landscape, he added, a candidate from preference of outgoing secretary general, who in his last appearance before journalists and questioned by lid between two candidates, brought up name of Trains when president of Council had not yet been pronounced. The three candidates held last Monday an open discussion to all members of PSOE provincial.


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