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The Chibok Girls are together, at last, with their families

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The Chibok Girls are together, at last, with their families

End ir eight months of medical and psychological treatment in Abuja

Some of young people will go to American University of Yola, in Nigeria Carolina Valdehíta, Cape Town (south Africa)

The Army of Nigeria released to almost one hundred women and children from clutches of Boko Haram.

The girls of Chibok freed reunited with ir parents 3 years ago after being abducted by Boko Haram

After months of waiting on have received medical and psychological care, and have returned to ir studies high school 106 girls in village of Chibok have been released, up until date of clutches of terrorist group Boko Haram, are reunited with ir families. Since his release had been in country's capital, Abuja, in various reintegration programs away from ir families. To bid farewell to heroines, nigerian government has wanted to make a farewell party before girls go back to ir homes in north of country, where re have been dances and chants in addition to emotive discourses of self-improvement.

The majority started in January, se programmes promoted by government and several UN agencies, including UNICEF, to reintegrate and resume ir education. A as parents of young had been criticized as prolonging separation of girls from ir families and ir loved ones after having lived through an experience as traumatic as a kidnapping. But now finally have finished those eight months of separation, and young people not only return with ir families but some will begin during next few weeks his undergraduate studies at American University of Nigeria in Yola, in state of Adamawa. A few studies that can be studied thanks to a program of aid to study funded by several UN agencies, such as UNICEF, un Women Africa, and Population Fund (UNFPA).

negotiations continue

"The negotiations are continuing, government has never ceased to negotiate for release of rest of girls", said during ceremony of celebration Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development of Nigeria, Aisha Jummai Alhassan. "we See light at end of tunnel, by grace of God, and very soon, we will have our daughters, daughters remaining back", he promised. Messages that have been repeated subsequently on his Twitter account.

The women freed dance at dinner held in Abuja. AFOLABI SOTUNDEREUTERS

however, Movement Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG), whose translation in Spanish is 'bring back our daughters', believes that government is not doing enough to bring back girls that are missing and so close to this "tragic saga". In a statement issued today, although wish to congratulate government for its results achieved, ask you to give more information to parents of girls still missing, and that "do not skimp on efforts to achieve immediate rescue of our 113 missing girls".

Dozens of teens were abducted by Boko Haram during night of April 14, 2014. A few dozen managed to jump out of trucks that transported it to his companions, to a life that none of m wanted to know. The final number of students who are abducted that night was 219, a number that marked struggle of his parents to recuperate, and of a community by visualizing cancer of terrorism. The following year, president Muhammadu Buhari won elections in Nigeria after having promised during his campaign that during his mandate he would end up with corruption and terrorist threat, and would return Chibok Girls to ir families.

A kidnapping that changed ir lives

The first negotiations between government and jihadists loyal to self-proclaimed Islamic State began months after Buhari out conferred president, which must be signed by 1 of August of 2015 first agreement for his release. But three days later group changed its list of requests, putting an end to dialogue that could have ended with more of a year of sequestration. Several subsequent attempts also failed to deliver its fruits, due among or factors to own division's internal terrorists. In December of that same year, government reported that it had carried out a third attempt of negotiation failed to get ahead due to "prompts unrealistic" of Boko Haram. And back to begin with, couple that absence of news about m fanned rumors that girls had been killed.

In may of 2016, and by chance, first Chibok Girl was found by some men while collecting firewood carrying a baby for months behind your back. Amina Ali Nkeki n became first young man to be rescued, and with it returned hope to rest of families, because, he said, that most of girls were with life, although y had been forced to marry militants. In October, negotiations finally came to fruition and 21 girls were released, thanks in part to international aid. In months that followed y also got ir freedom Maryam Ali Maiyanga and Rakiya Abubakar, both with ir babies.

After months of guerrilla warfare, at end of last year, military nigerians get with one of headquarters of group in forest of Sambisa, stronghold in which y prepare your kamikaze bomb and where to house your recruiters and kidnapped. A year after first Chibok Girl returned home, re was a new release a result of negotiations, this time with 82 girls. Now, those 106 have a new opportunity to continue ir lives where left, even m scars of her kidnapping.


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