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The coalition says strikes Russian wounded syrians supported by Washington

The democratic Forces in syria announced that they had been bombarded by Russian-made aircraft, which Moscow denies. The coalition supports the version of the fighters in syria.

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The coalition says strikes Russian wounded syrians supported by Washington
The international coalition has accused Saturday, September 16, Russian aviation, having wounded in a raid in Syria, fighters of democratic Forces in syria (FDS), supported by Washington, Moscow has denied earlier in day.

" Russian forces have hit a target to east of Euphrates river in Syria near Deir ez-zor, wounding forces, coalition partners, " said coalition in a press release. "The ammunition russians have reached a place which Russians knew that y included democratic Forces in syria and advisors of coalition. Several fighters of FDS were injured and treated after strike. The coalition states that none of military advisors present re were no injuries.

" to Avoid an unnecessary escalation "

" The leaders of coalition are available and line of deconfliction with Russia is open 24 hours on 24, " said commander of coalition, american general Paul Funk. "We are doing everything possible to avoid an unnecessary escalation between forces that fight our common enemy ", organization islamic State (EI), has he added in this release.

Initially, it was SDS who have announced to have been bombarded by Russian-made aircraft, in province of Deir ez-zor, last in hands of group AR in Syria, where attacks are separate from syrian regime and MSDS are current.

Then Russia has denied. "This is not possible. Why bombarderions we ? ", told Agence France-Presse spokesman Igor Konashenkov, Russian military basis of Hmeimim, in west of Syria.


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