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The Corsican nationalists achieve a clear majority in the first round

The nationalist coalition Pè with Corsica achieves 45.36% of the votes, followed by the regionalist right with 14.97%

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The Corsican nationalists achieve a clear majority in the first round
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The nationalist coalition Pè a Corsica (for Corsica) is one step away from endorsing power achieved for first time in December 2015 after sweeping first round of regional elections, in whose campaign overflew Catalan independence challenge. The nationalists, who demand official recognition of ir language and a statute of autonomy, have achieved a clear majority of 45.36%, according to official and definitive results, with which y will dominate new Assemblea di Corsica, Assembly of Corsica, now with more Skills.

The coalition of Autonomista Gilles Simeoni and independentist Jean Guy Talamoni, who claims a statute of autonomy of full right in next three years with application in following 10, departed as a favorite in a polls that were convened 233,988 Corsos. Seven electoral lists aspired to govern on new unique collectivity, which will see light from January fruit of fusion of two current departments of island, birthplace of Emperor Napoleon and which belongs to France since 1768.

After having been made with mayor of Bastia in 2014, with Government and Regional assembly in 2015 and with three of four members of Corsica in French legislative ones of last June, for nationalists this new electoral appointment, whose second round will be held Day 10, it was a mirror in which to see citizen support.

"Corsica sends a very strong signal to Paris and says that it wants peace and democracy and to build an emancipated island, so that we may develop a political solution toger," said an exultant Simeoni. "The final result is (...)" A true democratic tsunami that confirms and amplifies what happened in December 2015, with victory of Nationalists, "said Simeoni, referring to 35.34% reached n in second round.

Talamoni has appealed to Corsican people to support ir list next Sunday, when second round is voted, "to have legitimacy for start of negotiations on key issues: Our language coofficiality, resident status to protect Voters and amnesty for prisoners, "noted Jean-Guy Talamoni.

Behind nationalist coalition has been right-wing regionalist right that leads Jean-Martin Mondoloni, who has achieved 14.97% of vote. Thirdly, re is option of Republicans, with Valérie Bozzi (12.77%), followed by Government of Republic in March of Jean-Charles Orsucci (11.26%).

The Independence Party or Rinnovu achieves 6.69% and French-insubmissive Communist Party coalition is in fifth place, with 5.68%. Participation has been 52.17%, seven points less than in December 2015 regional elections. However, rates of participation in Corsica are very high

The independence is not at moment on its agenda, but it does leave in hands of Corsican which way to take in future in this region, which represents 0.4% of French GDP. "We have all our lives ahead of us to get it, even if it costs 100 years." "We will not do it for ourselves, but for our children," said a voter, Jean-François Raffaelli, a critic with management of central executive.


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