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The day Kim Jong-Un wanted to show himself human

The North Korean leader makes jokes about his international bad reputation, according to the southern delegates who met him this week

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The day Kim Jong-Un wanted to show himself human

North Korea is one of most isolated countries in world, but its leader, Kim Jong-un, knows perfectly what his international fame is and how he portrays foreign press. And now and n he jokes about it.

That supreme leader could satirize on himself was one of surprises that took five South Korean delegates this week traveled to Pyongyang and y achieved an offer from Kim Jong-un to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump. During dinner with brilliant comrade and his wife, Ri Sol-ju, South Korean envoys had access to a much more relaxed facet of young Kim than is shown in official news.

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According to high officials in statements distributed by Blue House, Korean presidential residence, delegation arrived in Pyongyang on Monday with idea that y would be greeted by leader next day, after a series of meetings High schools with or lower-ranking positions. But no. To ir surprise, y were informed that same day y would have access to president.

The reception took place at headquarters of Workers ' Party of Korea, in a restricted access area of Pyongyang. In an unusual gesture of deference, Kim came to greet m personally at door with his sister, Kim Yo-Jong, who in February had traveled south to participate in inauguration of Winter Olympics and brought back a personal message of South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, for his bror. It was a meeting, said South Korean delegates, of "extraordinary cordiality." The images distributed by state news agency, KCNA, certainly show a North Korean leader all smiles.

The formal meeting, in which Kim Yo-Jong also participated, lasted only an hour: Kim had already prepared all answers to questions that Moon had raised in his message.

At dinner time, North Korean leader, now accompanied by his wife, brought out his most relaxed facet. While offering his guests chicken soup and rice, wine, ginger liquor and soju, a traditional Korean liqueur, he praised good reception that South had offered to his sister and rest of his entourage. Also, reports Efe, apologized for not being able to house South Koreans in a well-known guest residence in Pyongyang because it is "reform."

The young leader, who studied during his childhood in Switzerland, revealed to be aware of his bad reputation outside of North Korea. "But he took it lightly and even made several jokes on matter," says Korean Times newspaper.

Also jokingly, President of America, Donald Trump, referred to as "Rocket Man" pledged not to launch more missiles as long as period of détente. "President Moon has spent a bad streak having to preside over national security meetings at sunrise every time we fired rockets," said Kim delegates. "Now you can sleep quietly," he added.

More seriously, he praised idea of establishing a direct line of communication between two leaders, which both will use before summit y have planned at common border by end of April. "If hostilities arise, President Moon and I can easily resolve m with a mere phone call," he said.

The farewell was equally cordial. The images of television Korean show how Kim and his wife personally accompany South Korean delegates to ir vehicles, y say goodbye to m one by one with great cordiality and y remain waving ir hand until ir guests leave; An unthinkable gesture for years of tension and hard rhetoric between two Koreas.

Attention to detail also reached dishes y were able to taste.  During south visit of Kim Yo-jong, some of m had asked "Hermanísima" about some of most famous dishes of Korean kitchen, naengmyon or cold noodles and chicken soup with rice. They were both served.

The distended treatment paid off: Senior officials returned to Seoul with announcement of an inter-Korean summit, an offer by Kim Jong-UN to deal with US on its nuclear program and guarantees that Pyongyang will stop its missile and atomic tests As long as dialogue continues. That conversation laid groundwork for Trump Thursday to give its "yes" to an unprecedented meeting with North Korean leader by end of May.


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