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The death of the pilot of the starry Eurofighter in Albacete tarnishes a massive parade

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The death of the pilot of the starry Eurofighter in Albacete tarnishes a massive parade

Borja Aybar, an experienced pilot with 1,189 hours of flight in hunting

Historical assistance of thousands of people in parade of 12-O, with alive to king in full Catalan challenge

Album: See Images of parade

The news ran like wildfire when 12-O. Parade had barely ended. One of fighters that had participated crashed while performing maneuvers approximation to base of Los Llanos, in Albacete, to land.

His pilot, Borja Aybar, 34 years old, died on spot. It was like a cut of digestion, like a glass of icy water on heads of congregated re. Because day had developed normally, with an enormous influx of public that some came to qualify as "historic".

A day in which tuck king after his discourse on Catalan conflict was thundering. The living to Philip VI multiplied. The President of government, Mariano Rajoy, was also greeted with applause by attendees a few hours after he started way for implementation of article 155 of Constitution in Catalonia.

But only five minutes passed since last of military, and had not yet left square some of authorities, when rumor came and n confirmation of accident at base of Los Llanos.

The four eurofighters of 14th wing, during parade. | CARLOS GARCÍA POZO

The pilot of Air Force aircraft, a Eurofighter, lost his life by crashing his device near base when he returned from participating in military parade in Madrid. Borja Aybar was captain of 61 promotion. It had 1,189 hours of flight in hunting, of which 681 were in this type of aircraft. Natural de Ciudad Real, where his family has a bakery.

The accident occurred shortly after 12.00 hours in area of la Pulgosa, where firefighters, national police and health personnel were displaced. The device belonged to Wing 14 of Air Force. The plane crashed during approximation maneuver to land. It was one of four Eurofighters that participated in Armed Forces parade from Albacete Air base, along with four ors belonging to base of Morón de la Frontera (Sevilla).

The Ministry of Defense sent specialized technicians in casualty analysis to rebuild accident and try to figure out causes. Apparently, pilot did not activate ejection button that would have expelled him from aircraft before tragedy. From defense y avoid making speculations of tragedy. The President of government, Mariano Rajoy, and Minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, immediately moved to Los Llanos to give condolences to family and companions of deceased military.

Philip VI, during parade. | BERNARDO DIAZDesfile Massive

Both Rajoy and Cospedal were at beginning of reception offered by Kings after parade. They greeted monarchs and embarked on voyage. The reception was offered after all morning thousands of citizens clod armed forces and state security forces in a parade that broke molds. Defence had provided for important assistance. The forecasts were widely exceeded.

The highest authorities of State attended event. Practically entire government-only lacked economy holder, Luis de Guindos, who was in United States-and judicial world. There were also highest autonomic leaders, all except usual ones: presidents of Basque Country, Navarre and Catalonia, classic three absences.

The parade had two peaks of excitement. The first, homage to Fallen, which became an act of recognition to victims of terrorism assassinated in Catalonia this summer and to Ignacio Echevarría, young Spaniard who died at hands of radicals Islamic in London when he tried to confront m. Today, his mor was clod on day of national holiday.

The second great moment was passage of National police units participating in parade. The decision to invite m closed in August, but truth is that ir presence has served as an act of support of citizens after harassment of last weeks in Catalonia by radical independence. The Paseo de la Castellana was attended by entire dome of National Police. In same sense, with Guardia Civil, body always very applauded in parades, but that, yesterday, volume of applause won integers, in response to same harassment in Catalonia.

It was almost 4,000 members of three armies who, toger with police and guards, paraded yesterday in central artery of Madrid. Defense and Interior combined a powerful security device to shield area. For first time, large tonnage vehicles from Army were used to block large access roads to area where parade was held.

"They are best bollards", said one of those responsible for safety device, which recalled that Spain is still on alert 4 against terrorism and that attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils recommended such initiatives.

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