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The division in the Venezuelan opposition threatens the fight against mature

A divided Venezuelan opposition receives the Sakharov Award from the parliament to freedom of conscience while Maduro exacerbates Democratic repression after the municipal

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The division in the Venezuelan opposition threatens the fight against mature

The Venezuelan opposition has received this Wednesday Sakharov Prize for Freedom of conscience granted annually by European Parliament. It is an award for many, as former mayor fled Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, and President of National Assembly (parliament), Julio Borges, gives "a push and new blood" to fight to leave "Narcotiranía" of regime of Nicolas Maduro. But so-called opposition is not one, but many. 18 political parties make up democratic Unity Table (MUD) and some, like Leopoldo López, are under arrest; Ors, like Ledezma, in exile. And only a handful of those factions have been able to move — with disparate speeches — to Strasbourg (France) to collect prize. In Venezuela, disunity of opposition is giving if not free to regime of ripe, at least more time to continue in power.

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"It is urgent to recompose unit in [ opposition of] Venezuela (...)" "We are giving a sad spectacle," recognizes Ledezma in an interview with country days before receiving prize at parliament. Some factions of MUD endorsed creation last July of Constituent Assembly of Maduro, which was considered a blow to democracy by remainder, and or currents did not see fraud in referendum revoke of 2016 while ors — equally opponents -y denounced it publicly. In short, re are "countersenses" in opposition itself, summarizes who still claims his figure as legitimate mayor of Caracas despite municipal elections last Sunday in which Maduro recovered power in 300 335 localities in part because The main opposition parties — Popular will (Leopoldo Lopez, on a prison basis), first justice (Henrique Carriles) and Democratic Action (Henry Ramos Allup) — did not attend elections to boycott system. In response, y received government's threat of not being able to report to generals in spring of 2018. Sources of Parliament point out that Maduro will convene se elections in March, in order not to give time to opposition to reorganize and seek a consensus candidate, illustrates Borges.

For MUD to Recompose, it is mselves who must define terms of how to get out of Chavista regime that "has kidnapped country," says Ledezma. And that's exactly where Achilles ' heel is: Everyone wants to cast a mature, but none of m agree on strategy. The option suggested by former mayor of Metropolitan, of 62 years and more than a thousand days under house arrest, is to abide by mandate given by more than seven million Venezuelans last July to "restore republic in shortest possible time". It is initiative I am Venezuela to which, insures, many opposition leaders "have turned ir backs". But Borges, active in first line in Venezuelan politics, opts to "lift more protests on streets" (which have already left more than 157 dead this year), as well as continuing international pressure and negotiations between regime and opposition in Santo Domingo.

Bid for 50,000 euros

B. D. C, (Strasbourg)

One of issues that leaves in suspense deep division of Venezuelan opposition is to whom and for what y will be destined 50,000 euros of which is endowed Sakharov. Ledezma proposes to create a fund for relatives of political prisoners. But, although it is something that he has already announced through his social networks, he has not agreed with or members of La MUD as Julio Borges, president of Venezuelan National Assembly, also in Strasbourg in condition of an award with parents of Leopoldo López ( On a house-by-prison basis), sister of Spaniard Andrea Gonzalez (in prison accused of murder) and wife of opponent Daniel Ceballos (also in prison).

"Many times, suddenly you feel privileged: we had food, family who could pay a ticket to go to visit [a prison]." "I wish I could help relatives of political prisoners who have economic problems," he explains. Borges, however, in an interview with Cadena Ser said that it should be destined to "a very reliable institution in Venezuela to create a chair of human rights teaching to young people in Venezuela".

The division between m is evident and shortly before collecting prize, Borges said that it is being studied which is most useful mechanism to allocate those 50,000 euros. "Leopoldo [López] will send a plan in next few hours," he says. The ideal, y point out parliamentary sources that award prize, is that y are distributed among all opposition. The Union does force has not yet arrived in Venezuela.

The example of Luisa Ortega, Attorney General of Venezuela — Chavista, now fleeing in Colombia — who recently left country and denounced mature regime before International Criminal Court for its authoritarian drift, is right path to eyes of Bravo Pueblo Alliance ( ABP), opposition faction of Ledezma, one of most conservative in vast political spectrum that encompasses MUD. "There is way [towards solution]." With Ortega, and with many people who voted for Chavez and Maduro, we need to talk and dialogue. We cannot stigmatize those voters if we want to unite and remove country from crisis, says Exalderer, who says that after "being in way" abroad will soon return to politics of his country.

A mediation that divides

For two years, re exists in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) a negotiating table — sponsored by mediation of Spanish former President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero — between Chavista regime and opposition, but it is not validated by all MUD. For Borges, it's a battlefield. To Ledezma a pure "parody". He feels that this dialogue does not bear fruit and even some people close to ABP have described figure of "null" shoemakers praising, however, efforts of Mariano Rajoy, José María Aznar and Felipe González in crisis of Latin American country. This same current defends that since Zapatero is mediator, regime has escalated. The socialist Elena Valenciano is very clear in her answer: "Zapatero had as main task to avoid a civil confrontation." We will see what happens next day 15 [when negotiations in Dominican capital are resumed]. "But mediators never spare."

But last arrests of politicians in Venezuela, paradoxically show a sign of weakness in a country that is increasingly similar to Cuba and reaches a hyperinflation that slashes 1000%, according to oponión of opposition represented in Strasbourg, which even It's not all, it's main. "To regime, only tool that remains is violence, repression and fear," says president of National Assembly, stripped of all its legislative functions this summer in favor of Constituent Assembly designed to measure by regime of Mature.

[The Chavez] They have won two years: 2016 and 2017. But one who has no more time is Venezuela

Antonio Ledezma, former mayor of Caracas

The Government has thus become a wounded animal that defends itself with all its rage. "Zapatero, perhaps inadvertently, has made possible miracle of surviving agony of ripe." And with it we pay all Venezuelans. Because with se negotiations [ Chavez] have won two years: 2016 and 2017. But one who has no more time is country, it is Venezuelan, "closes Ledezma."


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