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The dumbest ambulance drivers in Germany-these sanis are no longer to be saved!

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The dumbest ambulance drivers in Germany-these sanis are no longer to be saved!

Two paramedics drove for fun with siren and blue light through Stuttgart. And showed banned ride live on Facebook. Some spectators were amused, boss did not: when he learned of stupid action, he fired Sanis.

The video shows both in cab. The passenger promises to turn on blue light if many spectators "send thumbs up". And, "We have an emergency. We have lunch break now. "

The selfie shows driver's cabin mirror upside down. The passenger holds thumbs up in Facebook video, asks spectators to send "likes" – and promises to respond with enough resonance to blue light EinzuschaltenFoto: Private

Then passenger says, "now Kannsch turn on." The siren howls while Sanis pass a red light. The passenger laughs: shit, he just did it. And says, "We're at Red Cross."

The siren howls, Sanis laugh. The driver is happy: "full loud, dude!" Photo: Private

Smooth lied, men are on road for a private ambulance service. He apologizes publicly on Facebook. Alert Manager Sandra Riede (38) to Bild: "We received first complaints shortly after video was submitted and have brought employees out of layer. We immediately pronounced you termination denunciation. "

And paramedic and his emergency driver are in danger of even more trouble: a spectator, self-medic, has refunded advertisement with prosecutor's office. Police spokesman Olef Petersen (58) confirms: "We are investigating."

Misuse of so-called "privileges" (blue light, siren) is an administrative offense, is sanctioned with 20 euro fine. For a related red light ride, at least 90 euros are fine and one point.

Those who are "grossly unwilling and recklessly not respecting right of way" could even be prosecuted for threat of road traffic, threatening up to five years ' imprisonment.

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