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The Empty Story

The images of Trump and Kim at their Singapore summit are already historic, but unlike all the others, this is an empty summit, with no firm or treaty agreements

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The Empty Story

The images of Trump and Kim at ir summit in Singapore have already passed to album of history. They are re with those of Reagan and Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Nixon and Mao in Peking, and many ors until Yalta with Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt with which it was founded in 1945 time that now ends.

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Unlike all ors, this is an empty summit, with no firm or treaty agreements. If it is historical it is because it has been prepared and manufactured so that it is next to ors on album of history. This is content of unusual encounter between dictator of North Korea and President of United States and not a few talks or an agreement that have simply not taken place.

Everything is determined by originality of diplomatic method chosen by Trump, which allows to understand "impressive success", in presidential words, just three months after greatest exchange of insults and threats that contemporary world has seen Among international leaders. Instead of turning meeting at time of rubric and culmination of a long-negotiated agreement, both have reached summit empty-handed, have dedicated ir meeting to exchange banalities and praise, and have finished signing a statement full of Very good purposes, but with hardly any content.

Of four points of communiqué, first three, dedicated to restoration of diplomatic relations, return to peace on a peninsula formally in war and denuclearization, contain no commitments, no concretions, no dates. The fourth is also a compromise without humanitarian dates, although very specific to recovery and repatriation of prisoners of war and disappeared. There are collateral results: Kim Jon-UN's previous goodwill gesture, with dismantling of Punggye-Ri's nuclear test field, and Trump's subsequent award when he declared that "re will be no more war games" in South Korea, referring to Joint annual manoeuvres whose suspension requires Pyongyang.

Kim grows up. He has achieved, with his meeting with president, what his grandfar, founder of totalitarian dictatorship and Communist monarchy, Kim Il-sung, had not even achieved. Trump, on or hand, comes out more Trump. It is his apoosis, for which he came preparing his whole life. That is to be president, to appear alongside perverse leaders who have been persuaded to sign appearances of agreements or favorable alliances; Enter album of History, along with great, even if nothing big has been done.

It would be good for United States and for world a rapid and successful development of four points of agreement. The world will be more stable and safer with a nuclear North Korea, with full diplomatic relations with United States and a definitively pacified Korean peninsula. But it does not ask so much time of false news and post-truths, of diplomacy of tweet and of instant culture, that it looks at history like mere hyperbolic qualification without relation with past. An empty summit is enough for you.


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