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The end of 70 years of consensus threatens to unleash violence

Hamas warns that Trump's decision on the capital of Jerusalem opens the gates of Hell

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The end of 70 years of consensus threatens to unleash violence

The threat of an explosion of violence looms over Jerusalem. In spite of warnings of leaders of Muslim world and of its Western allies, Donald Trump dynamited on Wednesday 70 years of consensus in international community on delicate status quo in holy city. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extolled as a "fair and courageous" decision of President of United States unilateral annealing of capitalism in favor of Israel.

No foreign president had hirto dared to adjudicate one of parties confronted in conflict legitimacy over city to make it its capital. It is to be feared that it has consequences. The Consulate-General of United States in Jerusalem has already issued a security alert prohibiting officials and ir families from visiting historic district and eastern part of city, as well as West Bank. The same recommendation applies to all Americans in anticipation of riots.

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It was not visible yesterday more presence of security forces of usual in Old City of Jerusalem. The authorities reported through Israeli press that police and military reinforcements have been mobilized in face of three-day threat of outcry against Trump's decision, convened by Palestinian political forces.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas replied that "Jerusalem is capital of Palestine" and Trump's statement will only serve to "furr expand occupation." "The US has deliberately undermined all peace efforts and abandoned its mission as a sponsor [of agreements] of recent decades," said Abbas through Palestinian television. The Secretary-General of Organization for Liberation of Palestine, Saeb Erekat, disqualified United States to exercise as a mediator.

The history of Jerusalem is stained with blood. The Roman Empire destroyed in year 70 of our era Temple of Jerusalem and unleashed diaspora of Jewish people. Christians and Muslims fought for ir holy places for two centuries in Crusades. Arabs and Jews have been struggling for more than seven decades for ir capital, in whole or in part. The wall of Lamentations, called Western Wall of temple by Israelis; The esplanade of mosques, or Noble sanctuary for Islamic faith, and Holy Sepulchre, a basilica that gars place of crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ according to Christian tradition, signifies an unparalleled concentration of sacred enclosures In less than a square kilometer. "This measure will not change anything in relation to holy places of Jerusalem," said head of Israeli Government, who pledged to maintain current religious status quo.

The Hamas movement, which controls Gaza Strip, called on Islamic countries to "take action against US interests," as well as to nip all "economic ties with Washington" in bud. A Hamas spokesman in turn warned that President Trump's decision "opens gates of Hell in region."

A much smaller alteration of status quo — installation of metal detector arcs and surveillance cameras — in access to Al Aqsa Mosque complex and rock dome unleashed violent riots in Jerusalem last summer. For Palestinians, Esplanade is national and religious identity symbol in which both lay people of Fatah, party of President Abbas, and Islamists of Hamas coincide. For Islamic world, it is also third holiest place. Trump's pronouncement in favor of Jerusalem as capital of Israel threatens to lead to a new wave of violence.


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