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The EU avoids close support for attacks on the Syrian regime

Foreign ministers urged to revive political dialogue to end war

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The EU avoids close support for attacks on the Syrian regime

Europe avoids close support for US-led attacks on Syrian regime for use of chemical weapons. The insistence of France and United Kingdom, which took part in US military action for entire EU to fully support m, has managed to start an indirect adherence: Europe admits that aerial bombardments "only intended to prevent m from returning to Employing chemical weapons by Syrian regime against its own people, "and adds that Member States" support all efforts aimed at that end. "

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The foreign ministers of 28 member states have resolved this Monday with a clear exercise of political contortion ir response to bombardments that last weekend reached very measured military objectives of Syrian regime. The EU feels uncomfortable giving full support — as NATO did last Saturday — to attacks that are not supported by United Nations. At same time, it concedes that use of chemical weapons cannot be left unanswered and that Russia has blocked all attempts to move forward in that area.

In narrow margin that leaves that double reflection, European foreign Ministers have agreed on a document that shows political support for American action as lesser evil, but without condense it in a single sentence. Europe n argues that current situation urges "to reinvigorate search for a political solution" for a war that lasts for more than seven years, according to conclusions adopted during Meeting held by European foreign holders In Luxembourg.

The text is point of consensus between British and French positions on one hand, which took part in bombardment and defend it as only possible solution, and ors that fear an escalation of war after that episode. "After what happened [in reference to chemical attack attributed to Syrian regime], calibrated attacks were absolutely correct, we have done right thing for United Kingdom and for world," proclaimed British minister, Boris Johnson, on his arrival at meeting European. "If we want a political solution, we must maintain dialogue with Russia and Iran. The priority is to get it back. It will not be easy, but that may be role of EU, "opposed Belgian headliner, Didier Reynders.

Spain is among countries that do explicitly support military intervention, which is very limited in scope, orchestrated by US forces. "There is only one political solution to conflict, but we cannot leave an act as an attack with chemical weapons without reaction," said Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis. Spain offered logistical support by allowing left of an air base in Zaragoza two American tanker planes that resupplyed several of Bombers who participated in operation.


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