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The EU is a tax penalty for U.S. giant companies!

The European Union (EU) continues to cut the high tax penalties to American companies on the grounds of chewing tax practices and competition rules...

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The EU is a tax penalty for U.S. giant companies!
The EU is a tax penalty for U.S. giant companies! John Scott World News Introduction Date: 4.10.2017 14:55 European Union (EU) tax applications and On grounds of chewing on rules of competition, American companies continue to cut high tax penalties without speeding.

The world's largest search engine, Google, is world's largest internet shopping company Amazon and American, this time EU has been fined 2 billion 420 million euros in June, citing comparative shopping results at top of search page. The tech giant is demanding a tax penalty from Apple.

Requesting repayment of prisons

The EU, which has issued a backward debt of 250 m euros due to tax practices in Luxembourg, wants to be repaid with interest of this punishment. "With application of Amazon company in Luxembourg, company took advantage of its profits in period between 2003-2011 and company transferred 3 in 4 to or corporation," said Margre Vestager, a member of EU Commission for competition in Brussels. It's against rules and it's illegal. In question, it must be repaid with interest of 250 million euros, "he said.

' Ireland partially failed to perform a collection '

Vestager also announced that Ireland was sent to EU Justice Court because he did not collect tax BOC from Apple. Recalling EU Commission's decision to charge 13 billion euros from Apple in Ireland 1 year ago, Vestager said, "despite fact that EU Commission has taken this decision for more than a year, Ireland is partly a collection from Apple did not perform. Therefore, we decided to send Ireland to EU Tribunal for not implementing our decision, "he said.


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