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The EU rejects Netanyahu's demands to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital

No State in the European Union intends to move its embassy to the holy city

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The EU rejects Netanyahu's demands to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital

It was 22 years since an Israeli prime minister was not travelling to Brussels to meet with leaders of institutions. Lithuania's informal invitation to Netanyahu led to an official request from Mogherini to hold a meeting with all foreign holders ( Prime Minister also manages that portfolio in Israel). The appointment had been planned long ago, before US president Donald Trump announced that he recognized disputed Jerusalem as country's capital. So discussions on Syrian conflict were relegated by hottest issue: How to prevent Washington movement from ruining diffuse plan of peace that it claims to promote.

The meeting with Israeli leader was extensive — about two hours — frank and full of questions. European foreign holders took advantage of inquire on specific issues, some of m relating to settlement policy. Netanyahu responded that this is a minor issue, according to sources consulted, and that in future territories could be used as a currency of change in eventual peace dialogue with Palestinians. The Prime Minister insisted that he would not tolerate a Palestinian state on side of his border with all associated infrastructures. Among se he quoted an airport.

The Israeli leader nullifies appointment with Juncker

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After two intense hours of verbal exchanges with European foreign Ministers, Benjamin Netanyahu ended his agenda. The Israeli leader cancelled at last minute a meeting with President of European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, scheduled for after that breakfast. The official motive was that he had important votes in Parliament and that temporary forced him to advance flight. The appointments of European presidents with Netanyahu do not seem to prosper. A few days ago, President of Council, Donald Tusk, cancelled a trip to Jerusalem and Ramallah to expectation of an agreement on Brexit that took days to materialize.

Before entering that working breakfast, Netanyahu had once again defended recognition of Jerusalem as capital and had been confident that EU states would end up moving ir embassies re.

Two states

Beyond thorny issue of occupied territories, which Israel has not ceased to expand, EU fears that Trump's unilateral decision will disable Washington as a valid interlocutor — accepted by all parties — in a peace process. "We do not want to see an American administration discredited in this matter," said Mogherini, who showed some impatience about dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians exploring Washington. "No attempt can prosper without America, but no one should create illusion that only America can work." At moment, we are very far away because we need to define horizon and framework. I spoke recently with [Jared] Kushner [ president's son-in-law and charged with forging a peace process] and that is about to be defined, slipped Mogherini. The High Representative defined European policy on creation of two States — Israel and Palestine — with Jerusalem as capital of both, taking borders of 1967, as " only realist."

The most forceful message Netanyahu received came from British representative, Alan Duncan. Before entering meeting, Secretary of State of Europe and America had already expressed his emphatic disagreement with American discourse. "East Jerusalem is not part of Israel," he said.

Netanyahu tried to make it clear why Europe should approach Israel: "Israeli intelligence has averted dozens of terrorist attacks, many on European soil." We will continue to do so, "he said in a statement made by Mogherini. He also volunteered as a key ally in cybersecurity.


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