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The EU urges Washington to maintain nuclear pact with Iran

The European partners of that agreement reaffirm that Tehran complies with the agreed and highlights the benefits for Community security

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The EU urges Washington to maintain nuclear pact with Iran

Europe vigorously defends nuclear agreement with Iran against American suspicion. The European partners of that pact have met on Thursday with Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to certify that country is fulfilling signed in 2015 and that re is refore no reason to re-impose sanctions, as a threat to make United States. Beyond stability in Middle East, European leaders extol benefits of this nuclear peace for Europe itself. "The agreement is key to our security interests," stressed EU's High Representative for foreign policy, Federica Mogherini.

The head of Community diplomacy decided to convene Brussels meeting when United States, key partner in framework that guarantees that Iran will not have capacity to manufacture nuclear bomb, began to deviate from compromise. China and Russia, or two signatory powers, remain committed to ir implementation. A few hours after US President Donald Trump decides wher he keeps abolition of sanctions on Persian country, EU asked him not to change course. "It is important that our American allies respect it. There is no particular reason to break it. This means that abolition of sanctions is also maintained, "said French foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian. Both French representative and his German colleagues, Sigmar Gabriel, and British, Boris Johnson, appeared toger with Mogherini after meeting with Iranian minister.

The four presidents launched very coordinated messages to warn Washington that any alternative to current agreement, which took 12 years to negotiate, is counterproductive. Looking at what is happening in North Korea, German minister argued: "At a time when or parts of world discuss how to have nuclear weapons, it would send a very negative signal that only diplomatic agreement that prevents proliferation of se Arms to break. " Loyal to his direct style and away from diplomatic uses, Boris Johnson added: "I don't think anyone has a better alternative to prevent Iranians from producing nuclear material. To those who oppose I tell m to bring a better alternative. "

Aware that agreement is also in danger for Iranian side — most conservative sectors in Tehran try to use US turn to undermine what was agreed by administration of Barack Obama — Johnson wanted to also address citizenship Iranian. "If we maintain agreement, Iranians should soon see economic benefits." The lifting of sanctions meant end of veto to trade with Iran, which re-sells its oil and to do business with west. But lack of immediate results of this new framework is also perceived as one of reasons for fatigue of population that have motivated protests of recent weeks throughout country.


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